DNRCross (Level 1)

Element: Elec

Subtype: Sword

Appearance: Exorcist, inspired by enthusiasm for her work, adopts a mindset that seems like uncharacteristic self satisfaction. Her medical knowledge becomes acute, as she inherits some of DNR's know-how (although her tools may still be lacking). Her usual yellow garment is swapped out for a fuchsia colored nurse's skirt and short-sleeved top. Her undersuit becomes blue.

Exorcist wears a light purple nurse's cap with a stethoscope that clips to the front of her shirt and is connected into her ear guards. Her hair is done back in a rather large bun at the back of her head, tied with a big fuchsia ribbon.

Buster: Exorcist uses her and left hand as a scalpel. Her right hand, when held with the fingers together in a tight 90 degree angle and thumb outward, can actually be used to dispense a form of anesthetic. The anesthetic appears like a transparent, white gas.

Charge Shot: Using more chi, Exorcist thrusts in her scalpel hand and twists to pry open a wound. What a reckless technique!

Signature Attack(s):

Happy Gas (80) - Exorcist draws the enemy in with a quickly formed, relatively weak catching circle. Once they're close, she releases a burst of anesthetic gas into their face. The enemy will fall asleep if it's effective. Note: the gas may cause strange mutations in the target as well. This stuff is unsanitary and not approved by the medical community!
- Sleep + Glitch, melee attack
- Pull
- 2 TCD
Well after some good time I approve this cross. I will most likely in a little bit write up a profile thing for the ExorcistCross I myself have gotten.
DNRCross approved