Almost all of Djinni's Crosses!

I was unhappy with the designs of ExorcistCross and EternalisCross, so I'd like to edit them in visuals. I want to edit ExorcistCross' Sig too, but I have talked about it with Bomber on how to achieve that.

Quote (ExorcistCross)

Instead of a turban Djinni now wears a short and loose fitting white hat. Attached to the front of the hat is talisman with a binding spell written on it, which covers the area of her eyes and reaches all the way to her chin. The talisman is black with white borders and its text is silver. To cope with the positioning of her hat, she lets her hair loose without any particular style.
The outfit is replaced for something closer to Exorcist's style, as Djinni's new robe is like an Asian shrine maiden's but without any sort of sleeves and ample space for Djinni's massive chest. The top is yellow with white borders, while the hakama is white. The hakama of the outfit is the divided kind, so the legs are like trousers instead of a one-piece. She wears nothing to cover her feet.
On the index finger and middle finger of Djinni's right hand she wears a silver ring, engraved with symbols of taoism, each on the same height so they touch each other if Djinni holds her fingers together.

Quote (EternalisCross)

Djinni's entire body changes into the substance Eternalis is made of, including taking its light blue color. She, however, does not become a mass of hard-to-recognize fluids and has the appearance she always has, although seemingly naked as her original outfit is not included. To 'avoid' this, she wears a set of armor to contain the mass.
A pair of large-eyed goggles adorn her face, silver frame and yellow glasses, that attach to her audio receivers which haven't turned into fluids. Attached to her shoulders each is a scientific-looking silver armor piece which goes all the way to her wrists. At her back is another piece of silver armor which has two tubes sticking outwards and upwards, each tube containing the same liquids. The last piece of silver armor adorns her legs, also forming boots that cover half of her lower leg and feet, which have a similar style as the other pieces.
Due to Djinni's new gelatinous appearance, she can form her lower body into that of a snake's or fish' in order to swim through water. When she does, the leg armor reforms around her hips until she reforms her legs again. This also means she can reshape her hands into weaponry whenever she wants to.

And new to the addition of Djinni's Crosses is MeleeCross. Just like Aim is registering DjinniCross, I am registering MeleeCross in this topic due to our other edits.

Quote (MeleeCross)

Type: Fire/Melee
Level 1
Djinni's new outfit for this form consists of a tight dark-red bikini with a leathery texture, while her body looks a tad more muscular than usual. Around her head comes a silver circlet with a circular ruby at her forehead. At the back of the circlet is an opened circle for Djinni's ponytail. From the bottom of the circlet comes a silver plate of metal that reaches to Djinni's nose and spreads the entire area of her face, connected to her audio receivers. A small upside-down V opened is at the middle of the plate for Djinni's nose.
Djinni wears a set of silver gauntlets but unlike MeleeMan, these are modest in size. They're more like gloves and reach up to halfway her lower arm. At the back of her hand is a vent for expelling smoke.
At her feet, however, she has a pair of not-so-modest boots. Heavily armored and reaching all the way up to her knees, these are Djinni's weapon of choice for the Cross. Across the outward sides of her lower leg is one long vent on each boot, for expelling smoke. At her heel is another one for expelling smoke backwards, for boosts of speed or other things, and finally one vent on the bottom of each boot. These, however, are made to expel flames to fly instead of smoke.
Across her hips hangs a gray belt with a silver clasp as if to say pants should have been there. But they aren't.

Cross Signature Program:
Cross Art - Dragon Clutch
Djinni jumps an enemy and attempts to pin it down by grappling it with her legs. If she succeeds, she brings her head down towards the enemy for a headbutt which, if it hits, stuns the enemy temporarily.
Hold (50)
Stun (30)
I approve, of course. BV
This would all be much more amusing if Djinni could use Dragon Clutch while in EternalisCross, but I'll cope. Everything approved.