Element: Aqua
Subtype: Guts
Bonuses: +10 damage to all chips of the Aqua element.

Appearance: DragonierMan keeps his armour, but loses the helmet so he can wear the hood of his cloak. His cloak and tabard also take on a deep aqua blue color. His hair and eye color become lighter in shade and more brown in color. The stone tower that acts as DragonierMan's navi symbol now sports a misty motif, a low fog surrounding the tower.

Personality: DragonierMan becomes more subdued and crafty. Like the wolf or raptor: he is less likely to charge in and make noise; taking to concealment more easily in order to encircle his prey before striking.

Custom Weapon: DragonierMan retains his brawler and weapon talents, and his breath attacks. But now he also wields a quarterstaff made of white willow, etched with runes. Slightly bendable, but hard to break, the navi directs his new magical talents through the staff to strike at his enemies.

Cross Signatures
Current total points to draw from: 80.

Active Signatures


Passive Signatures

1. Glamour of Frost: One instance of Imbue Element: Aqua
The navi veils his next attack in a cool, vaporous miasma.
(20 pts x4 = 80 pts)
It's fine, approved.