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KaijuCross (Level 1)

Element: Fire

Subtype: Break

Appearance: Ante swaps out her usual outfit for green, scaled armor, which is composed of gloves, boots, hood, breastplate, pauldrons, and tasset. The hood is itself armor and resembles a dragon's head, with sharp fangs fashioned in, but not so obtrusively as to stab the wearer. Her lower face is visible, but the upper part is covered by the hood and the eyes are cast over with shadows. The gloves and boots are each fashioned with dangerous black claws, while black spikes and minor studs adorn the armor. The armor is loosely held together with primitive bands.

Beneath the armor and visible at places, she wears a gray suit of more tightly packed scales, which clings to her like a skinsuit. Her staff becomes a long monster bone, bristling with black barbs. The head transforms between a monster claw and skeletal dragon head. Her emblem is still displayed at her tasset.

Ante's glitch is affected in such a way as to cause her body to grow larger and larger, even beyond what her clothing can support. At peak size, she may be even bigger than KaijuMan!

This cross' representative card is the King of Clubs.

Buster: Ante releases barbs from her bone staff, causing minor damage as they cut the enemy's flesh.

Charge Shot: Ante releases a supersonic blast in the form of a roar from her dragon-headed staff.

Signature Attack(s):

Big Stack (80) - As Ante grows, the fire inside her burns hotter and hotter. Occasionally, she can harness that fire to power up her own attacks, giving them reckless, explosive power.
- Strengthen 60 + Imbue Fire
- 2 TCD
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AnteCross (Level 1)

Element: Normal

Subtype: Break

Appearance: KaijuMan's normally grayish-green scales take a more rusty red color, while his tan underbelly changes to a dull gray. His head developes a large, shield-like frill, which takes a similar shape to Ante's spade-shaped hat. The frill is lined with dull spines, and a pair of large metal horns protrude just above KaijuMan's eyes. His head is slightly longer, and his mouth is much smaller beak-like design, and he has a smaller horn protruding up from the bridge of his nose. The horns are slightly dull light gray, like unpolished steel. His face is covered by a gray, steel mask, with holes for his nose horn, eyes, nostrils, and Navi symbol (still situated on his forehead).

The rest of KaijuMan's body is relatively the same, but his chest and shoulders are covered in gray plate armor, with spade designs embossed on their surfaces. The spines on his back are much shorter than normal, but are wider, and alternate between a diamond and spade shape all the way down to his tail. He no longer has the fin-like blades affixed to his tail, instead he has a thick, club suit-shaped metal cap on the tip of his tail, and secured with several circular braces and straps. The club is rather large, and is so heavy that it is often dragged along the ground unless he is in a full run.

His arms are covered in similarly gray armor, and the blades surrounding his forearms are replaced with metal vambraces, which extend past his hand and sharpen to a point, talking an almost sword-like appearance. His legs are still armored as well, but the armor is more segmented, and his upper legs are covered by a somewhat form-fitting red cloth material which extends from his knees to his waist, and also has a sleeve for his tail.

Buster: Instead of using breath-type attacks, he can simply lunge towards his opponent and attack using his horns, vambrace blades, or the club on his tail.

Charge Shot: Uses a full-body tackle and utilizes all three of his horns to hopefully skewer the enemy.

Signature Attack: (120/120) [40 nerf]
Rallying Charge: KaijuMan digs his claws in and lunges towards the enemy before ramming into the target with his head, or bashing the target with the club on his tail. The amount of force behind the attack would send the enemy flying. The satisfying crunch and carnage caused by the attack pumps KaijuMan up, and he can use the momentum to further amplify his attack power.
(Movement + Microburst + Strengthen 60 + Self Slow + 3 TCD)
(Sounds Cool)