Saluki/Lucia Cross

Lucia Cross
Element: Fire
Subtype: Wind
Bonuses: +10 Damage to all Fire chips.
Buster: Fire shot
Appearance: Her makeup is completely absent and robes are replaced with more casual summer attire; exposing more of her body. Black halter top which accents her bust, midriff and stomach; while shorts that exposed more of her legs and thighs. Her floral crest becomes visible on her thigh; looking much like a tattoo of the same flowers that usually decal her chips. Finally a red beach wrap around her waist that could double as a shawl or even bandanna. The most interesting changes are fiery cuffs and anklets that literally burn around her wrists and ankles respectively.
Personality: For the most part she is more open, playful, talkative and relaxed; but easier to get an emotional response from.
Custom Weapon: Her bell and skull are absent for the duration of the cross; instead she hangs a leather and fur lined quiver on her back, she adopts a composite bow instead.
Cross Signatures
Active Signatures: Sonic Firestorm: (80 Fire+ Nova 1. 2 TCD) Saluki becomes enraged and surrounded by a burning hurricane to Immolate everything and anything close to her.
Passive Signatures: None.
Saluki Cross
Element: Wood
Subtype: Wind
Bonuses: +10 Damage to all Wood chips.

Appearance: In this form Lucia's usual fiery appearances seems to almost have been put out as her ever burning hair darkens and cools until becoming a mass of smoky tendrils that seem to drift and float about aimlessly. The same can be said for her cuffs, as the fires from them become nothing more than a constant flow of ashen mist. Donning herself in a simple light gray one piece leotard, hidden away by the somewhat surprising grayish pink robe. The sleeves of which drop only to elbows, with free hanging cloth extending to her wrists. The robe itself goes only to mid thigh, leaving her bare legs unhindered to allow ease of movement. The back holds a large, scorched tangle of vines with beautiful black roses set about randomly. From the band around her left wrist, handing by 4 inch long, almost invisible thread hangs a small death knell. Perhaps the most off setting aspect of her new attire, is a gray ribbon choker wrapped tightly around her neck. A bleached white skull set upon the center of her choker, looking to be slightly oversized on the ribbon. Lastly, she dons a very traditional looking white Kitsune Mask to shield her face. Dolled up in similar war makeup that her vixen friend puts on.

Lucia becomes more mature and calm in this form. Her anger seeming to always be in check or reserved, rarely will she have an emotional outburst, instead she simply strikes, regardless of what her foe may be.

Custom Weapon:
Drawing her bone choker from her neck, Lucia grips the skull tightly, the gray ribbon turns to a thin smoke and expands itself outwards, forming into the shape of a ghostly recurve bow. Hidden beneath her robe at her hip is a small quiver, which arrows can be drawn from.

Cross Signatures

Active Signatures:

(2x10 Multi-Hit Wood Damage, Shot)
Floating adrift around Lucia, seeming to be hanging from an invisible string, is a small half foot tall plushie doll. Large stray stuffed knapsack head with sown up smile and little black buttons for eyes. Held in place by the 4 rung noose around its tiny neck. Beneath hangs a small pair of shoulders from with skeletal hands slip free. Beneath is nothing more than the torn rags, its body and stuffing long since fallen away. Held tightly in one boney hand is a short blowpipe, from which it sends two poison darts at unsuspecting targets.
All of this is fine, Rank 1 cross approved.