SabrinaCross Rose

Thanks to their close bond, Rose gained a cross with her good pal Sabrina!


Rose's outfit changes fairly heavily for this cross.

She replaces her rose-colored elastic with a blue-colored hairband, and moves her ponytail up somewhat, leaving it a bit looser than usual. She loses her hat for the cross.

At the torso level, Rose removes her sweatshirt and replaces it with a loose turquoise tank top. She keeps her long sleeved pink shirt on underneath it.

At her waist, Rose loses her belt and replaces it with a blue fanny pack, fit on in a similar sloping fashion. Her PeT holster is moves onto the strap of the fanny pack.

Rose keeps her pants, but over them gains a black skirt, which extends to about an inch above her knees. Her shoes are replaced by a pair of blue rain boots.

The final change to her outfit is the addition of a blue ring to one of her fingers: a symbol of her friendship with Sabrina.

Custom Weapon:

Rose has picked up a few techniques from her friend. For normal shots, her throwing arm has gotten fairly decent.

For charged shots, Rose has learned a devastating hip check, perfect for taking out drink machines and other foes.

Cross Sigs:

Description: Rose slaps the target across the face, leaving a fairly painful mark.
Effects: [50 dmg [50] + 1 Action Stun [30] = 80]
Cost: 80
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Pool Remaining: (0/80)


Just Kidding

Now for real


SplashCross SummonerMan

Thanks to an incredibly strong bond between their operators, SummonerMan and the Splashes gained a cross.

Appearance: SummonerMan's appearance changes a good deal for this cross.

His headband disappears, since cards don't mix well with water and the Splashes don't use headbands. In order to help him mix with the water, he gains a breather, locked in place over his mouth, with an apparently endless supply of oxygen.

SummonerMan's torso loses the bodysuit. This leaves him bare-chested, like a beachgoer or a merman. His emblem moves upwards to become the clasp on his cloak. It is then covered by a cute purple seashell.

The cloak itself remains, but changes colors from purple to turquoise. Also, except for the color which remains tall and rigid, the texture changes. It becomes a softer, wavier fabric, like a water resistant silk.

SummonerMan's upper arms are left uncovered, like his torso. His forearms, however, are covered by glass, which stretches down to his wrists. The glass stretches a bit thicker in radius than his arms. They are filled with water, and, well, his forearms. At the end of the glass on each arm is a small covered hole, which can be opened to fire water. SummonerMan's hands are covered in a pair of gloves, which are backed with turquoise, but have black covering the palms and inside of the fingers.

SummonerMan's lower body gains a pair of green pants. And these aren't just any green pants. These pants are covered in scales, hence the green color. They also flare out at the bottoms. This would make them appear more like a fin, if SummonerMan ever stood with his ankles pressed firmly together (which he wouldn't).

Beneath these pants, a pair of boots is visible. These boots, however, aren't very visible, since they're made of the same stuff as the pants: more green scales. They're thin and pointy, sort of like cowboy boots.

Custom Weapon: SummonerMan gains a blue trident while using this cross. It can be used to manipulate water to fire, or to whack things with. It isn't very sharp though, so stabbing isn't likely.

Unlike SplashLady, SummonerMan can't summon water, so when there is none around, he fires the stuff inside the glass around his forearms. The rapid shot is just a normal water blast; the charged shot would likely involve much more water.

Cross Sigs:

Spill Cannon:
Description: SummonerMan fires off a blast of water, which explodes upon reaching whatever destination it should be hitting. It's not very efficient, and drips a decent amount on the way there. This leaves a lot of water around, turning the panels the water passed over, including where SummonerMan and the eventual destination are, into sea. Sadly this drippiness leads to the blast being fairly weak, compared to the attack it's based off.
Effects: [30 [color=blue]AQUA[/color] dmg Blast2 [30*2=60] + Medium Terrain Change (SEA)[20] = 80]
Cost: 80
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Pool Remaining: (0/80)

RoseCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Normal/Rose

Description: After hanging out with Rose for a while, Sabrina's friendship with her has physically manifested itself in RoseCross. Up top, she now has a white cap, and now has visable makeup; nothing overdone, but her bright red lipstick is notable. Her tank top has become pink, and is now much more form fitting. Her fanny pack is gone; she now has a black and pink backpack to keep her stuff in. Her skirt has also vanished, to make room for tightly fitting white jeans. She retains her boots, but appropriately have become pink. And as one final tribute to her friend, her wristband has become a rosy red.

Custom Weapon: From Rose's days of being obsessed with journalism, Sabrina has a pencil tucked behind her ear, which can be grabbed and used to stab oglers at close range.

Cross Sigs:

- Queen of the Road
In addition to a pink outfit, Sabrina's skills behind the wheel have improved tenfold. While this still isn't great, it allows her to drive around without constant fear of running things over.

Movement x 4 (80)
- 2 TCD

Total: 80/80


...Shin wishes. Here's the real cross.


SummonerCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Normal/Summon

Description: SplashLady's undergone a couple of changes while under the effects of SummonerCross. The alterations begin at the top; a large part of her helmet appears to have vanished, becoming little more than a purple band with ear flaps. Her wetsuit and mermaid tail-like skirt have become a single, pitch-black dress that covers everything from the neck to the ankle, save for the arms. Her gloves are now finless, and are purple in color. The same can be said for her boots, which also now possess heels. Preventing SplashLady from looking like a head with hands and feet is a large purple cape, which extends down to the ground.

Custom Weapon: Her trident is no longer a trident; it now possesses a small purple globe imbued with a mystical energy, allowing it to serve as a staff that can summon objects from seemingly nowhere.

Cross Sig Attack:

Summon: Great Wall - SplashLady summons a sizable wall from seemingly nowhere. It can take a fair bit of punishment, but it does put a small strain on her body, forcing her to move slower temporarily.

Self Slow (+40 points)
Blueprints Bonus (+40 points)
160 HP Object (160)
- 4 TCD

Total: 80/80

And so there's zero confusion, this is how I added the points:

- I have 80 Cross Sig Points to work with.
- I added 40 to that via nerfing, giving me 120 points.
- I then applied Summon subtype's passive, Blueprints, giving me 4 points for every 3. And if you cross multiply (no pun intended)...

-- = ---

480 = 3x
160 = x

- Therefore, my sig can use 160 points, which I used solely to give it HP.

The consensus among people I asked about this is that that's how Blueprints and nerfs are calculated, so I'm going ahead and putting it up for approval.
Seems fine, approved.