[Soul Cross: Validus] (Normal/Cursor)

With the bonds between Validus and Eternalis now at a higher level, their friendship is now materialized into this Soul Cross. Eternalis' former sleek armor turns into a more imposing armored jacket of sorts; it depicts striking armor plates, blue in color with yellow trim. A white half-cloak is tied to his waist. A blue helmet covers his head, the sides imprinted with Validus' emblem of a circle with a bullet in the middle. His boots are the same, though perhaps a bit thicker. His right shoulder plate is larger than the other, like a shoulder guard. A smaller version of Validus' Morph Rifle, the Shift Phaser, is attached onto his right arm-output as a permanent add-on, which allows his arm-output to shift into various types of gun arrays according to the different types of battlechip data loaded into it.

Signature Attacks:

Level 1:

Active: Phaser Overcharge
| Strengthen 50, Stun 1 | 2 TCD | 80 SP |
Eternalis puts the Shift Phaser into overcharge mode, dumping extra sources of energy into the weapon and causing the chip data loaded into it to become more powerful for taking out certain difficult targets. It also causes the Phaser to discharge a small burst of stunning electrical charges. However, the overcharge only lasts for one single burst, and requires a short period of cooldown.

Utilising combat data gathered from Eternalis, Validus is able to tap into the retrieved data and activate the soul cross: a unique morph of his abilities combined with the energy of friendship between the two Navis. In Eternaliscross, Validus changes into a metallic body light blue in colour. His visor disappears completely and his head turns semi-transparent, similar to liquid. His hands are also freeform now, and uses a special hand shape retainer to maintain his hands original form. A large tube containing liquid is strapped onto his back and connected into his left and right arm, both in which can be turned into rifles by solidifying the shape generated through the arm, combined with gathering of data particles in the air. Eternalis's emblem also appears on Validus's helmet.


Level 1:

Active: Transfusion
(30 HP Heal, Haste on 1 target for 1 round) [80pts] 2 TCD

Validus forms a small cannon like weapon in his hand linked to the canister he carries across his back. The cannon is then used to administer a special cocktail of cooling liquid into wounds, and at the same time deliver a small energy burst into the individual, allowing for rapid movement for a short while.
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