VoltCross (LV 1)
Element/Subtype: Elec/Sword

Description: Now that SplashMan can access a form that can use Crosses in SplashLady, his experiences with VoltMan has poured into him, and manifested itself in the form of VoltCross!

The appearance of SplashLady has entirely changed; gone are the water references. Instead, she is simply completely covered with thin black armor, with the forearms, chest and upper back, pelvic area, and feet having a thicker yellow armor. Her helmet is also now yellow, but instead of a single shark fin on the back half of it, a lightning rod now sticks back in a 45 degree angle from each ear covering. A black tinted visor also covers her eyes, obscuring them somewhat from others.

Custom Weapon: Her spear has received a makeover, with the head now consisting of electrical energy in a long, thin triangle shape, easily capable of cutting things down to size. It can also shoot electricity, as opposed to water in the usual form.

Cross Sig Attack:

Thunder Spear
Under the effects of VoltCross, SplashLady can deliver a devastating three-hit spear combo attack, imbued with the power of electricity!

20 x 3 damage = 60 damage (60/60)
Elec element (0/60)
Slashing (0/60)
Total: 60/60

And I think that's it. NOW THE WAIT BEGINS.
I'll take that as an okay from PA. Approved. XD