Nikko/Junior Cross

We have 31 points, so we should now qualify. Since I haven't seen a reg since the new system went up, I'm not sure whether you need any evidence or just have faith that we kept track accurately like you trust people to keep track of zenny and items accurately. In any case, here goes.

Nikko Cross (Lvl 1 Normal/Sword, +10 to Normal Chips)

Appearance: Junior's navi suit fades away and he grows white fur from the neck down. He also gains black, skin tight shorts and a long, white, fuzzy tail pokes out the back. He wears black boots that cover up to the ankles. Cat claws weapons form over his hands. His face and glasses remain for the most part as are. He just grows large cat ears and three thin black lines appeared on each side of his nose, resembling two dimensional whiskers.

Weapon: Cat Claws: Metals guantlets form over Junior's hands. They are covered in white fur padding. Five long claws extend straight out from each, each on parallel to the others in the set.

Cross Sig: Hairball Defense: Two large hair balls form and float arouind Junior, each ready to take a hit for him. (2 one-hit barriers, 1 turn CD)

40/60 points used

And now I'll wait for Dark to post his half of the reg.
Junior cross: level 1, normal/normal, +10 to normal chips.

Apperance:Nikko's fur starts to disapear, but in it's place a purple body suit covers her body and her paws and claws transforms into ,white, human hands with gold gloves on them that only cover her palms, her nails are covered with pink nail polish, though her tail stays with white fur with the black on the very end, her face turns into that of a woman's that has near perfect features and her eye color turns to an aqua blue with a pair of glasses with a golden trim over them, though they turn into a gold colored visor when a battle starts, but near the left half of her mouth, that has red colored lipstick on it, is a little brown spot that is a beauty mark that rests about 12cm below her left eye, her hair turns green, but her right eye is covered with a little green colored hair that sticks out. other than that, her body shape stays the same proportions from her regular form.

custom weapon:Palm blasts. (white colored blasts that shoot out of her palms that can be of most any shape for fluff)

Sexy flash
Nikko quickly flips back the hair over her right eye and winks at the viruses, causeing two pink hearts to appear and if they hit the enemy, the enemy is stunned for one action
StunX2 (60 points used)

60/60 points used
I is an idiot. Ignore plox.
cross rules new to the darkstar, fixed.
Alright, good enough. Have at it and such.