Junior/Daisy cross

For reference, I'm cool with this. Like he said, we're not sure if its enough, but we figured we'd at least be able to get an estimate on about how much more RP we need.
Get another battle for good measure.
One more battle added.

...Also, incase that is enough... Here is what the Junior cross would look like

Element: normal/normal
+10 on normal chips

Daisy now wears glasses, with gold trimming, and the eyepieces in an sideways oval shape. Her hair is now bundled in a ponytail, with a single strand of green hair in left hanging in front of her face. She no longer wears what she normally did, that now replaced by a white bodysuit, with a v shaped opening that goes from the neck down to a bit below her belly button. Around her neck hangs a small golden hammer, on a sliver chain. She now has white boots, with the laces and bottom of the shoe gold. Her hands are now incased in white gloves.

Daisy, somehow, becomes much less Naive in this form. She now knows all about love, friendship, and all of that jazz. She tends to act friendly toward others in this form... but sometimes a bit 'too' friendly...No, she is not a slut, just a bit too flirty.
Daisy Cross: Aqua/Recovery, +10 to all Aqua chips

Appearance: Junior's hair retains its length, but its color is now a mix of gold and green, the former overlapping the other. From the waist down, his navi suit turns blue and the top black. The suit is cut off at the shoulders, leaving his arms bare. He wears black gloves that cover up to his wrists. The right glove has the word Magnus written in gold across his knuckles. His glasses are constantly in shade mode. He wears a white, open lab coat that extends down to his ankles. The sleeves are rolled back just behind the elbows. On the back of the coat, Project Life is written in what looks like blood.

Weapon: He now summons blood, which he transforms into whatever he desires to attack with.
Looks okay. Level 1 Cross granted.