Seraphim Cross

Alright! First, the points which must be addressed for any cross to be valid!

Other Navi: Seraphim, Eon's navi.

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I figured that what with the meaty posts and character interaction there might be enough for a level 1 cross. Do I need more? If this is good, I'll go ahead and start typing up aesthetic changes and what not.

EDIT: Just remembered, I also should ask Eon's consent on this.
Eon's Consent Granted.
Grounds set. Past threads negated.

Level 1 SeraphCross Authorized.

Get started on the aesthetics.
Changes: MeleeMan's helmet, gloves, and jacket glow briefly with a white intensity. His undersuit immediately changes from red to white; his gauntlets and boots change from their normal bulky, dark metal to a shining white craft with crimson guards at the knuckles and shins. They still produce the same smoke from behind the guards, which lift mechanically as he discharges his smog and flames during attacks. His jacket becomes a longer white coat with dark burgandy trimming at the collar, running down the chest. A dark red sash is tied around his waist in the manner of garb of many martial artists. His helmet disappears, revealing his brown hair, which lengthens slightly, and his orange, firey eyes. His symbol maintains its place on the back of the jacket.

While in this cross, MeleeMan sees things through the strange perspective of a top-tier fighting game character. He makes references to joystick movements with many of his attacks, and frequently talks about things such as "win by time out," "technical recoveries," and "guard breaks." He always makes a point to point out any combos he makes and list the number of hits. His personality is generally more friendly during this cross, but at the same time, it's also much less realistic, as he seems to have lost much of his grasp on reality. He can also be annoying energetic for one with such a deep, slow voice.

MeleeMan's cusom weapon changes to energy blasts, fired from his palm which is covered in a sort of a chain-mesh material, as part of his new gauntlets.

Is all of that okay?
Uh... bump for the aesthetic changes. Are they approved?

On that note, you three are tricky little devils. It's gonna be mad hilarious reading Crossed posts... XD
Quick note: apparently, choosing the element and subtype from use to use isn't the way it was intended to work, and I need to specify whether or not I accept the subtype; the element's not optional. So, with that in mind, can I have SeraphimCross MeleeMan be Normal/Breaking? Or do I have to accept the subtype too?
I'd like to note that Seraphim can change his sub type with a Signature Attack. Just throwing it in.
Sorry, I just needed to give this a bump. I can't post in the Electown Research thread until I get this cleared up.
Subtype is optional.
Alrightey then. I'll just add that in, and I'll post later today. I must study for history now. @__@;