BroadsideCross Trials

Mod: PaladinGC

This is a set of four trials to attain higher levels of Broadside Cross. It is open to any who wish to participate, however, they must meet the following requirements:

- Navi must possess a level 1 Broadside Cross.
- The Cross must be registered, including Sigs.
- The Navi must be active.

The focus of the event will be getting to know Broadside better... in a way. The event takes place in various locations after the player receives an E-mail and accepts the challenge. They will receive further instruction and everything else they may require to complete the event upon arrival. Players should expect combat, and a higher than normal degree of difficulty. Players are also advised to keep an open mind... this could get weird: Avecia is the test giver.


- +1 level of Broadside Cross for each segment completed.
- Battlechips (Performance Bonus)
- Zenny (Performance Bonus)
- Bugfrags are only obtainable after part 1.
- FXP is only obtainable in part 4.

Players may opt to take each of the four sections in their own time, however once a section has been started, they may not leave until they succeed or fail.
I can already see players wanting out during or after the first part.

At any rate, I don't see any big issues or anything anymore that'll light the Cave on fire, so you can have your approval stamp.