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As some people know, Soulman and Ayumi had twin children. Majin's Soulman Jr. is obviously one of them. The other, his sister, will be revealed in this arc.

After the children wandered too close to the Undernet and were abducted in front of Ayumi and Soulman Sr., they duo gave chase. They eventually caught up with the baby-napper and engaged in battle.

During the confusion of the battle, two navis were gravely injured. First, the lackey that had kidnapped the children was dispatched, Then while hurrying to get the children to safety, Ayumi was slain in front of her family by one of his comrades hiding in the shadows, who also quickly snatched the daughter of the two.

Stricken with grief, Soulman EJO'd his son and attempted to reclaim his daughter, only to be severaly injured as well.

Years pass, and the daughter has been raised by the people she knows killled her mother. Although she hates them, she feels powerless to rebel. She's given a mission to prove her loyalty to her surrogate parents, which is to attack and destroy any Navi's related to a secret team called Neo Requiem.

She hunts for them and runs into Soulman and Celeste after have been busting in the net for several battles. During the battle, she succeeds in severely damaging Celeste, but hesitates to finish Jr. for some odd reason. Leon interjects, he pleads with her, and she discovers that they're all relatives.

Unable to return to the people who had sent her, feeling terrible for hurting Celeste so badly, and wanting to learn more about her parents and family, she pledges allegiance to Leon and Junior.


Undernet Assassin's posts:

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Before Soulman and Celeste could catch their breath, their next enemy had appeared before them. A female looking figure wrapped in tattered cloths, perched on top of a Totem, elegant and intimidating. The petite navi had all the makings of an assassin, except for the huge weapon she carried. As tall as she was, a magnificent gold hammerhead resting atop a dulled shaft, easily looking to weigh more than the navi itself. Clearly this was no ordinary navi...

We post asking who, what they''re doing, and why.

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Then, the navi spoke. "My name is of no concern to you," she said coldly. "I have been sent by the powers that be to dispose of you, and that is all you need to know." She paused a moment, tilting her head back and licking her lips. She let go of the hammer, it staying upright seemingly of it's own accord. She then folded in half suddenly, demonic looking wings tearing through the cloths wrapped around her waist and a skinny tail with a heard-shaped ending. This revealed her true form, which looked quite a lot like the Corrupted Ayumi of years past with a different bodysuit. She stood back up, and floating slightly into the air grabbed the hammer.

"I hope that you're prepared to meet your end, Neo Requiem scum." She glared menacingly at the two navi's, swooping down from above the totem while simultaneously destroying it with a powerful shot of energy. She pounded her hammer into the ground, sending a shockwave though it that knocked both navi's to the ground, and prepared to for the fight.

Fight it out! And beat up Celeste! She hesitates to kill Jr with the same attack, and drops her guard.

Leon reveals that he's figured out her identity, tell her that he was Ayumi's netop, and explain that Junior is her faternal twin.

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"You... you were my mother's netop..? And he's Junior..?" Miyu said confused. "But... why... why didn't you come after me!?" she screamed, angry at Leon and her parents for abandoning her. "You just left me there, you didn't even try to save me!"

Leon explains what happened in the past, and Junior confirms what he knows of it.

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Miyu clenched her fists and punched the ground. "It's not fair! Why did this happen!" She said angrily. She lowered her head towards the netscape, sobbing quitely at the new revelation of her past. Her wings came down around her sides, almost as if to protect her from something, and her tail laid flat on the ground.

After a few moments, she raised her head. "I'm sorry Celeste... Leon... brother..." she said in a mavering voice. Looking towards Leon, she continued, "let me make it up to you... I'll be your new navi. I know I can't replace Caleste, but..."

Leon agrees, and transfers Celeste to an old PET he has laying around. Miyu then installs herself and Leon gains control of her.

Miscellaneous random things are spoke of, and then they jack out.

Plot Overview:
Battle 5 Boss

Name: Undernet Assassin
Element: Elec
Type: Recover
HP: 800
Speed: 5

Buster Attack (with hammer): 25 Damage
Charged Blow: 80 Elec

Chips: Cannon x 3, Shotgun x2

Slam Combo: A multi-stage attack with the hammer that damages for 20 a hit at a max of 4 hits. 4TCD
Plasma Tail: The assassing creates a whips of pure ebergy from her palm, which hits for massive elec and stun damage. Deal 100 Elec and stuns twice. 5TCD
Seduction of the Succubi: Slows a foe for one turn. 3TCD

Spiral Pierce: The hammer is spun rapidly in an amazing show of skill. Deals critical damage to it's target. (used to end the battle and effectively disable Celeste, once the battle hits )

In your face, kick-assery. Usually goes all out in attacks.

Celeste is removed as Leon's Navi.
Leon gains Miyu as his navi.
Junior and Miyu gain 15 FXP.
Junior and Miyu can participate in the next arc of their story.

The registration for Miyu will come after this is shot down or approved. So sayeth the Leon.

These are the plans as drawn up by Leon. If met with approval, we'll come up with a start time then, though I think Leon wants it done as soon as possible, so whoever takes this on, be ready.
*stamps seal of approval*

I'm Leon, and I approve of Majin trying to get this approved.

Vote Leon, President '08.
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I don't see anything glaringly wrong, although, if I'm reading this right, you two plan on making a separate joint subplot in the future? Or is it a second half to this plot?
Second part to this, most likely. We haven't really talked too much about it, but it'll probably be some sort of revenge mission, coupled with a spiffy flashback if we can plan it all out.
Changes! Due to time constraints, we're switching this to a battle 5 fight. Due to the fact that with a weakness to Wood, I alone can rip through this boss easily and we don't want sis to be a pushover, she's getting bumped to 800 HP. Now then, I ask Admins for approval and I ask some mod to volunteer to mod the boss fight. Any takers?
I am Stephen Colbert, and I approve these changes.

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Thanks to everyone involved in making our subplot seem awesome.

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