Program Advance System

Well, as I've been informed, the Program Advance system is currently bunk. The reason for this being that without a Draw system like in the MMBN games, PA's are ridiculously easy to use in battle. Just pull them and go.

Of course, given that they are my namesake, I am perturbed by the fact that they don't currently work. As such, I've come up with a few suggestions of my own. I realize it's not a priority, but... *Shrug*

General PA Rules:
-PA's use the number of actions that their constituent battlechips would normally use. A 3-chip PA will require 3 actions when used.
-PA's can only be used once per ____ battles. (Used to be 3, you might want to change it, or the nerfs could balance this out and negate the need for it)
-Moderator Approval is required for a Program Advance to be activated. (Should not be a matter of preference. Just a failsafe to prevent PA overuse, or perhaps to be used in plot devices)

Possible PA nerfs:
Training: Each of the constituent battlechips must be used _____ times in battle before the Program Advance can be used.
Addendum to Training: PAs that match the user's subtype or element could require less training.
Slow Preparation [Free Action]: The player must "prepare" each battlechip, one per turn, before the Program Advance can be used. No actions are required to prepare a battlechip.
Slow Preparation [Action using]: Same principle as Slow Preparation, but an action per turn is required to
Slow Preparation [RNG]:Again, the same principle as Slow preparation, but an RNG determines whether or not the battlechip preparation succeeds.
RNG Activation: upon attempting a PA activation, an RNG is rolled. Chance of a successful roll could be static, or determined by RP strength.
I Took The Summer Course: A special mission must be taken to "Unlock" any given PA.
Hunter's License: The RP'er must obtain some sort of Activation Code to the program advance from a faction, etc. May not require a mission, may so, it's really up in the air. (That's the only reason I didn't lump this with summer course)
Just pick some: More a nerf for future reference, only X number of PAs can be in someone's folder at one time.
You used it, you keep it: The battlechips used for the PA must remain in the user's folder for the duration of the PA cooldown. [Possible Addition: Burnout. Not only must you keep the battlechips in your folder, they are unusable for part/all of the cooldown.]
BECAUSE WE SAY SO: Plot event PAs can bypass some/all nerfs. (More of just a note for those extenuating circumstances. Entirely at mod's discretion)

That's all I've got for now. Might add more if I get any more ideas, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
I like all of these ideas, PA.

Of course, few of them are a little "eh", but this is better than not having a PA system at all...
I like all of them except for the RNG prep. I really like the "Training," idea and possibly having to unlock certain PA recipes from missions/factions.
I'm pretty sure the main thing that keeps Program Advances from being used is the fear of frequency abuse. As such, the "Training" option may not be as good since that may be like opening a flood gate once you are allowed to use it.

I'd suggest a kind of cooldown period such as "For every 200 base damage the Program Advance inflicts, you must wait that many battles to use it again, rounded up."

So a 500 damage PA could only be used a maximum of once every 4 battles (3 battle cooldown).

Quote (Pocket)

I'm pretty sure the main thing that keeps Program Advances from being used is the fear of frequency abuse. As such, the "Training" option may not be as good since that may be like opening a flood gate once you are allowed to use it.

I'd suggest a kind of cooldown period such as "For every 200 base damage the Program Advance inflicts, you must wait that many battles to use it again, rounded up."

So a 500 damage PA could only be used a maximum of once every 4 battles (3 battle cooldown).

But then, for PA's such as BigHeart, or whatever the heal is called, would it be usable every battle?
To answer my own question, Bigheart would have battle cooldown equal to [Amount healed]/200

I'd very much like more mod feedback on this.

I concur with Grim, RNG shouldn't be involved in this. Everything else sounds good, just needs to be amalgamated into a workable system somehow.

Personally, I like a combination of Training, which opens up availiability of Summer Course/Hunter's License. As for usage of the PA itself, Slow Prep [Free Action]. Cooldown would go with Pocket's 200/Battle idea, along with Burnout.

However, I'd like Program Advances to be more than simply pure damage or healing. If it's just 600 damage, or 200x3, it's fun, sure, but this is an RP site. Versatility. GigaCannon with Microburst sounds fun. :3 (Yes, it's not feasible. Whatever, it's an example.)

In this case (damage/healing + effects) the cooldown can probably be determined by the current sig system, or a separate system can be devised.

In the meantime, some silly PA ideas:

    [li]Peacemaker (Magnum1, Magnum2, Magnum3)
    500 Fire Damage, Large Broken Terrain, Blast3 (8CD)
    [li]Replicator 1/2/3 (Mach/Elem/AssassinSword, SummonBlack1/2/3, AreaGrab)
    Teleport, 100 Null Damage x6/8/10, Slashing/Slashing+Seeking/Slashing+Seeking+Phasing (4CD/6CD/8CD)
    [li]Air Surf 1/2/3 (Guard1/2/3, AirShot1/2/3, Wind or Fan)
    Creates 100/200/300HP Object that enables flight and 1/2/3 free tac moves (2CD/3CD/4CD)
    [li]Momo-Mode 1/2/3 (Mole1/2/3, BigHammer1/2/3, AreaGrab)
    Enables Momo-Mode (Passive Burrow, Buster changes to Melee-range only Shovel - 100 Break damage + Backstab) for 1/2/3 turns. Momo-Mode immediately ends if ground cannot be buried into, or if user undergoes a sudden terrain change. (4/6/8CD)
  • Chessmaster (Pawn, Knight, Rook)
    Creates 16 100HP Objects (Heavy, IronBody) (Tops the scales at a ludicrous 28CD)
All these PA cooldowns use sig calculations, except for Momo-Mode, which I just made up.
(Change the name of the Magnum P.A. to Piecemaker and you might have a deal)

Program Advances. These powerful techniques can alter the course of a battle in one fell swoop, whether it be through granting incredible benefits to one team or annihilating one's enemies. But such power must be earned, and comes at a price.

Finding P.A. Combinations:
As you level up and collect battlechips, you may find all members of a single chip series (Cannon, HiCannon, MCannon), or battlechips similar to one another (Fire/Aqua/Woodtower). Such combinations may just be the components for a Program Advance! If you think you have the battlechips necessary to create a Program Advance, send a PM to a Moderator asking politely about the matter. If you're lucky, you might just have what it takes to start the path to completing the Advance!

Unlocking the Advance:
To "unlock" a Program Advance, a user must request a mission from their faction (NetPolice, NetMafia, or Global Network Administration) for the upgrade necessary to perform the advance: an Advance Memory Unit.
These missions will be extremely difficult, and will test the navi's knowledge of the battlechips used to constitute the Advance. If the attack involves Gun chips, the mission may be an obstacle/target course that the navi must complete. If the attack uses melee or sword chips, PvP combat involving the battlechip type is a distinct possibility.
But as with all missions, the final word on the specifics will be with the Moderator that chooses to run it.

Using the Advance:
So you've collected the chips, you've gotten the required upgrade, and you're going to tear the viruses apart without any trouble from now on! Right? Not quite. While their power is the reason Program Advances are so valuable, they're also quite hard to set up, and take a while to recharge.
Preparation: Program Advances can't just be pulled out of thin air. They require preparation. Before using the program advance, one battlechip must be "prepared" per turn. The preparation is counted as a free action, but the battlechip cannot be used while it is being prepared. (Ex. A P.A. that requires 3 battlechips would take 3 turns of preparation, and could be used on turn 4)
Note:Preparation actions DO NOT carry over between battles. If you manage to kill everything just as you're about to unleash hell, you don't get to instantly unleash hell next battle.
Required Actions: Once a Program Advance is prepared, it requires actions equal to the number of battlechips used to make it to be activated. (Ex. A P.A. that requires 3 battlechips would require 3 actions to fire)
Cooldown: Program Advances are extremely powerful. So powerful that the battlechips used to create them and the navi that fired them have to recover from their use. Cooldown is measured in battles from PA use, and is determined by [1 + Number of Chips Used]. (Ex. A PA that requires three battlechips will have a four battle cooldown)
Burnout: After the Advance is used, the battlechips used to create it will be unusable for HALF the length of the PA cooldown (rounded up) as they recover..
However, if you own multiple copies of the battlechip used to create the Program Advance, only one copy of the chip will be unusable.
Navi Capacity: The amount of strain that can be put on a single navi can only go so high. As a result, the amount of PAs that a navi can have in cooldown at a single time before no further PAs can be used is proportionate to the navi's level. Navis start out with a cap of 0 PAs that can be used (you've got to train first!), and gain an extra PA capacity every 15 levels.
This means that if you have two Program Advances, but you're Level 24, you can only have one PA active/recharging at a time.
What about the effects that isn't listed on the sig effect list? Such as Beam, Pierce, Line Attack, etc. How will they be counted for the PA point count down?
I agree. It'd be better if it was just "number of chips used+1" battles of CD. Keeps it cleaner, less calculations, etc...
Yep. A 4 battle CD for the PA and a 2 battle CD for the chips sounds just right for me.
Agreed, and changed.