Rewriting the Sig System Rules

I mean, like, even when I got here, the sig system rules were, like, totally out of this world, man. Confuzzled me to no end. New users ask about the sig system all the time. So, I have taken the liberty of rewriting it to more user-friendliness! Jubilations!

Review away, fellow members, mods and admins, and criticize!

SIG SYSTEM VER 3.5 REV 1 (By PaladinGC) (Rewritten by Fera)


So you wanna make a cool signature attack for your Navi, eh? Well, here's the deal. At level 0 (ie: registration), you get a basic pool of 60 points to make your signature attacks. A very basic signature would be a damage signature, which would cost 1 point per HP damage. This is the basic layout of a usual signature.

(Active) Modified Cannon
Effects: Damage (60)
Description: GenericMan fires off a modified version of his cannon. There.
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Types of Signatures:

There are 2 types of signatures, which are explained here.
Active: This is the stuff you one-use, then you'll have to wait for it to cool down before you use it again. Cooldown calculation is explained below.
Passive: This signature is special, it's automatically used every single turn. Neat, eh? But it comes at a cost. Passive Points are used to make passive sigs and cost 4 normal points per PP. So, if you wanted to make a 20 damage passive, you'd have to pay up 80 normal points.


Now, don't you go running off using that signature 5 bajillion times in a row. It needs to rest for a bit before you use it again. Cooldown is calculated by dividing the points you used by 40, then rounding up to the nearest whole number. Cooldown starts on the turn after you use the sig.
EXAMPLE: We'll use that Modified Cannon up there. 60 points, divide by 40, gets us 1.33 Cooldown. Round that up, and you get 2 Cooldown. There, wasn't that easy?

Process Upgrades:

What if you want more points to play with? Simple, my dear. Buy Process Upgrades. Process Upgrades, found in the Navi Shop at Science Labs, increase your total pool of points by 40 for each upgrade. Their price is calculated by how many you already have. The formula is..
((Your PU's) x 100) + 100 = Next PU Price.
So, if you have 6 PU's, the next one would cost 700z. Note, you can only purchase as many PU's as your level. So if you're level 7, you can have a max of 7 PU's. Keep that in mind.

Point Caps, Levels and Nerfs:

Now, you might think, hey, once I get 100 points, I can make a 100 point signature straight away! Nope. We have limits here, to prevent you from being overpowered at level 4 or some crazy stuff like that. The limit's listed below.
Level = Max Active / Max Active (Nerf) / Max Passive
00-04 = 60         / 90                / 15
05-09 = 100        / 150               / 20
10-14 = 140        / 210               / 25
15-19 = 180        / 270               / 30
20-24 = 220        / 330               / 35
25-29 = 260        / 390               / 40
30-34 = 300        / 450               / 45
35-39 = 340        / 510               / 50
40-44 = 380        / 570               / 55
45-49 = 420        / 630               / 60
50-54 = 460        / 690               / 65
55-∞  = 500        / 750               / 70

So, at level 5, your active sig can only use a maximum of 100 points. Unless of course, you use Nerfs. What's a Nerf, you say? Nerfs are these cool limit increasers that can do 2 things:
1. They can increase your limit up to what it says on that Max Active (Nerf) column. Your cooldown will increase normally.
2. They can decrease cooldown by 1 turn, every 40 nerf points.
You may only nerf up to half of the points used in your sig. Like that Modified Cannon, you can only use 30 nerf points on it. Oh, and Nerfs can NOT be used on Passive sigs.

Nerfs are listed in the Signature Attack Effect List. Go look for it in the Rules thread if you're blind or something.

More Awesome Effects:

What, you want even more? Okay then, you can find it all in the Signature Attack Effect List, where they have cool effects like Telekinesis or Free Dodge. Don't go expecting to use Resurrection any time soon, though. XD


    [li] ALL Active sigs must have a CD of 1 or greater. This cannot be bypassed by any means. 0 CD sigs are considered Passive and must follow Passive rules.
    [li] You may make unlimited signature attacks from your pool as long as the total points fit your current pool.
    [li] No multi-use sigs will be permitted. Make two smaller ones.
  • Absolutely no Signature Attacks can:
    -- Summon virii to attack.
    -- Cause a Navi to become invulnerable to damage. They may, however, create defenses.
    -- Be assisted by the use of Battlechips. They can, however, increase the amount of damage done by chips or the Buster. (See: Strengthen, Buster Base effects)
    -- Boost a Navi's action total (IE: You start with three actions.) Extra actions filled by a set effect, however, are up for debate.
    -- Delete an enemy regardless of HP.
    -- Allow additional chips or zenny, or increase the chance of gaining chips. PERIOD. This is not open for debate.
(NOTE: This last part should really be in the defenses part of the sig attack effect list)


All 'layers' of defense can be active on a navi at once; but only one instance of each layer. Attempting to use another (IE: A barrier with a barrier in place, or Invis when you have Shadow on) will overwrite the one already in play.

Layers are as follows.

Traps are a layer. (Things like the AntiDamage chip)
Invisibility and Shadow are a layer.
Body Effects are a layer. (HardBody, Planar Armor, IronBody, StoneBody, etc)
Barriers and Auras are a layer.
Shields and Armor are a layer.

(An exception to the rule is Shields-- Shields take up the same slot as Swords or other weapons (That being a hand), but Shields and Swords can be presumably equipped one-to-a-hand until you run out of hands. You may specifically state that a weapon or shield that you make with your sigs is two-handed, though.)
The informal style of this rewrite makes me think of an instructional video.

I'll admit it took me a few days to really "get" the point system, and I think this covers the important points rather nicely.
The traps example oughta be changed, as unlike the other examples, the example is a NCP, not a chip. And I'm not really delving into semantics, seeing as how the chip is AntiDamage. You should change it to something nice and more neutral, like ElementalTrap.

And that's my comment on obscure corrections for the day. : D
This was inspired by the the RP guide. So yeah, CC. XD The old rule thread was hard to understand because it was a mite unorganized. People couldn't find where the stuff actually began.

Clarified the trap stuff.
Also, I noticed that the Anti-Cursor chip attacks with a Sniper Vulcan, which does Slashing damage. XD

Also, the Anti-Navi chip is outdated, blablabla.