IPB Shoutbox 2.5

First off,

We really need a shoutbox. Some codes are on iFusion.com

Or you could get a Xat shoutbox at xat.com

The on on my Board is IPB Shoutbox
We already have a chat that you can find in the "General la-de-da" section. That's where I would suggest going.

Popular opinion seems to be against having one from what I've heard in the past.

you have no right to command us or tell us what to do. If you want to talk to others, go to the chatroom. Located here.

Tadaah. I suggested it earlier, because my chat wasn't working.
Not my smartest of choices.
As usual.
Chatboxes have given me nothing but errors every site I try with a shoutbox on it.

Granted its probably screwed up because it wasnt installed right, but still. Besides, some of us access this site from school computers, and you know any school will have a severe NO CHATROOM policy, so what are you supposed to do when the chatroom follows you around the site.
I chat on the chatroom daily when I'm at school and the teachers don't even remotely mind. Your reason just got shot down.
I'm bringing it back up:
You're older than us.

Also, most everything is blocked at our school.
'cept VGcats.