Storm and Vortex.exe

Name: Xavier Storm

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Storm sports a black trenchcoat along with black cargo pants and a black shirt. He also wears a headset that he keeps pluged into his PET for communication with his Navi, Vortex. His skin is rather pale and has black ruffled hair. His eyes are ice blue.

Personality: Storm generaly avoids contact with others due to the fact that he is social outcast to begin with. Ever since high school he has spent most of his life on the net...though most of the time he has been on harmless errands for his few friends...he secretly has been training his navi Vortex in the art of net battling ever since he was 10. He "has a knack for computers" as he puts it and therefore was considerd a complete geek in high school. Vortex provides him with emotional support and advice, and he provides Vortex with battle all works out.

PET Modifications: Is black in color and has a headset jack.

Name: Vortex.exe

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Sword

Appearance: Vortex wears a black blindfold and has silver spikey hair which is coverd by a black helmet with a headset attached. His shirt and pants are silver with black acents and wears enormous black pauldrons with small silver spikes on them which he occasionally uses to ram his foes with. Under his blidfold his eyes are crimson. He also wears a silver cape which (should the need arise) can transform into a pair of silver wings.

Personality: Vortex, despite his apperence, is very friendly and loves to make new friends. In battle he is very focused and despite his heavy apperence is very light on his feet...but he didn't sacrifice speed for power. As a matter of fact, he is slower than the average net battling navi, but is more powerfull than most. He is very protective of his friends and if they are in trouble he will go to any lengths to get them out.

Custom Weapon: Vortex Blades

Signature Attack: Abbysal Slash - vortex releases a large amount of energy and focuses it into his blades then he makes a slashing motion sending a large shockwave twords his enemies. 60 damage, 2 turn cooldown.
Looks pretty solid from here. Just wait for an Admin to approve, and you should be on your way!
Seems okay, APPROVAL.

GET CHIP: Cannon, Rageclaw, Shotgun
GET NCP: Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1, Undershirt
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPackx2

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