Paitience Lost

anyways, me and lunar have been waiting a full two weeks for a mod on our battle. In addition to this, my bump posts were mysteriously deleted and I'm very confused as to why this is all happening.

I know that I have not been the fastest poster, I know I've taken my time, hence why I've waited so patiently over the last couple of weeks, but I think that two weeks is enough to complain even for a lackadaisical poster like myself.
Well, Im not a mod or an admin but I can give a clear reason on the deletion of the bump posts.

Clearing them up so you dont have to wade past them all once you get modded.
Spoiler. Kazu is a lazy bastard. Ask for another Mod to take it over. If you had to wait for 2 weeks without contact with him about his activities, then you ought to consider a different Moderator.
Spoiler-Spoiler: Eon is (supposedly) working on modding you. Bug him.

Don't worry, it's been over three weeks since the last modpost and Sky's nowhere to be found. This has happened repeatedly too, with PA as well, although not as bad.

This was the original reason I didn't want to join the event, they are always like this.

I just failed to appreciate that I would be shut down aswell anyway.
Lego hasn't posted in the past 28 days and his group is still on Battle 1.
wow, I had no idea that other matches were so bad off. I just didn't know where to post about it, so I posted here
oi, another week, another wait
But Danno posted. Another wait?