Need Help

RS approved my request to change my navi's age and I want to edit the profile and change his description and age accordingly, however I tried to edit my profile and it won't let me because it is locked. What should I do?
You should think ahead to what else you'll have to edit if you're changing the age. (Navis have ages?)

I've unlocked the thread for you.
oops i meant operator.
It looks like you skipped a bit in our registration and the Admins are so foolish to forget it.

Post your registration in the "New Users" section of the Registration area. Once it is said as "Approved" or "Accepted" by either an Administrator or an Official, you post your Operator and Netnavi biography in the respective areas.

You didn't do the latter.
Thank you. Do I just copy and paste, or am I expected to add more?
ctrl-c and ctrl-v are your best friends in this situation.