sorry to ask and spend more of your time but when in the battle network seris are we?
about 37 years AFTER BN6...i think, RECN was about 30 years after BN6 and then we had to migrate here, and this takes place 6 years after everything else, so, ya, about 36 years after BN6. and mods, i looked in the 'everything you wanted to know' thread, so i know what i'm talking about.
It was Seven years between RECN and RERN, but your original 37 was correct.
Also, Andrewsky, anything you may need to know can be posted as a reply in the "Everything you ever wanted to know" thread. It's pinned at the top of the "Suggestions and Questions" forum.
A simple search could have got your answer, and a small question like this belongs in the 'everything you want to know' thread, anyway.

Try to poke around and see if your question is answered before you ask it, please.

And to clarify, darkstar is correct. 37 years since the end of Network 6.