Starting Point?

Kind of a retarded question, but it bears asking. Are all new Op/Navi required to start out in ACDC or are the starting areas by preference? Asking in order to adjust my characters backstory accordingly.
You can start wherever you'd like. Most people simply start in ACDC cause its next to scilabs and the some other important locations, so you don't have to think up some way to get there, you can simply take a walk or public transport or whatever you'd like.

That said, we have been discussing how to improve the other areas, so it is possible that that there will be some differences in the future.

I personally think you should go with the area you want.
Like Knight said, its mainly ACDC because it's the 'newb friendly' area. Nothing too strong. If you think you can handle more powerful enemies, then try electown or scilabe or netopia, and if you really crave a challenge go for yoka or netfrica and the like.

Or, if your a masochist and enjoy pain, go for the undernet right off the bat.... Just don't come crying to me when you get 1hko'd :3
Harrharr, undernet has level barrier Leon XD

Also, where you are in netlocations is not that important, as most of the places are connected by the links in net square. So if you want, you can start in electown with your OP and bust in ACDC with your Navi.
Actually... there isn't one. It's enter at your own risk, unless someone changed it again ^^;

"This area will open only to those that are ready..."


You can go to the Undernet, but a starting character would probably get kilt before they could even make an action. XD
That reminds me of Draky in Makai Empire. Went straight to the last stage and died in less than a turn.


Wait, Yoka's a challenge area?

Good, he beat me to the question.

I don't like the thought of Ceres and Enigma starting there...
I'm gonna check out the areas because I completely forget what each one is.
If someone has free time, could they PM me a two-sentence description or so of each area?

ACDC and SciLabs are pretty much cake depending on how far you go and what combinations of viruses get thrown at you. SciLabs is decidedly harder than ACDC, but still really easy.

Netopia and Yoka usually come next with Yoka being more difficult than Netopia.

Netfrica, Sharo, Yumland and Electown are about the same, just with different elements and such. At least...That's how it should be. Most people go to Electown pretty early so perhaps it isn't any harder than Netopia or Yoka...
I meant a physical description, I get the idea of the difficulty.
I need to know where Ceres will live. >.>
Like city, etc...