18 and older spot

Some rp boards make a forum for more mature audiences to chat about things and rp in more mature settings. Because of the School Rp thing causing commotion I think that maybe we should make a room like that. Give the password to people we KNOW are 18 and let them go at it. Or no password at all and just warn that there are bans or whatever you want.

Just an idea. We don't need to have it. It was just an idea!
As long as you don't expect me to cyber with Medic to flesh out the 'few hours later...' posts that Junior and Daisy have, I'm for this.
I agree with this too, at some point, this site started getting seriously permiscuous. I have no explanation for it, but I think this merits a place like this now.
Yeah that sounds cool. I've gotten too many people that have desires to get a hold of Empress, and second of all, I didn't even know NetNavis could even do this, so it doesn't even seem possible but...*sighs*

Darn modification loop holes. I'm all for the 18 and older section. But...I want the possibility of Storylines that relate to this section since I like stories with blood and and not sex and such. Reason being since Keera is violent then this will be a good for all the stories where she will be violent and do unimaginable killing with her cybernetic arm. So, yeah, yes for 18 and older.
Leon also likes this idea.
Leon also has a simple way of implementing it that keeps under 18 out without a pass.
Leon loves himself.
I enjoy the idea of a Mature section as well, simply for violence reasons as well. AFter all, Geyser doosn't have a gender, Zolem is a loner, so all that's left for mature is gratuitous violence, which solves everything.

I just don't get why. I mean, if you guys want to post mature material and such, I guess that's a sound idea, but... it seems like defacing our board a bit to have something like that sitting around.

In any case, I wouldn't expect any kind of RPing situation to arise there that couldn't here. If you guys honestly think that for some reason you're going to get something out of RP that you couldn't without this kind of section... eh.
I'm also implying that this 18 and Older section will have limitations? Because we wouldn't want somethings to get out of hand. That's the downside that happens which is something happening to someone's charrie that doesn't want it to happen. Some people try to have thier way in such so I'm trying to keep flaws in mind.
We'll set up specific rules for everyone to follow in the 18+ room.


-You may not distribute any videos, pictures, or links to any sites that are sexual or sickening

-You may NOT use another user's character unless they give you permission to do so.

-If wanting to do a thread. Please put in bold what is to be expected from it (Like Warning: There will be allot of gore in this. If you are one that detests things such as blood, We suggest you do not read any further)

-When posting your thread, Please put on the side title what it is rated. (Pg-13 R Ect.)

-If drawing etchy pictures, you must have permission from others to use their characters.

-Please set up a list of things that are not wanted in your thread. (Example- Cursing is fine, Gore is fine, NO SEX)

Stuff like that!
I....Um....What? I think I'll side with Heat on this one...
Also, isn't there something deep within you that tells you that for the goodness and purity of your human soul you should avert yourself from such-?

*Thumbs down*

Unless there's some reason why extreme violence, brutality, and gore would HAVE to go in such a section....I also disapprove.


This is established primarily as a MMBN RP forum. I feel it would be against the image of the site and unnecessary to have a section of the forum dedicated to 18+ material.

I'm against it.
And that, dear forum-goers, makes this a triple disapprove.

tl;dr, NO 18+ SECTION, DARN IT.