Quick Change

Okay, I've been a way a while and I'm not completely sure, and I have no time to check since school is about to begin in a minute, so I wanted to ask a few questions. *takes out pen and eyes intimidating like a police officer* XP

1. Since my navi has been in any majopr activity, can I make a whole new profile and treansfer stats?

2. Can I be allowed more than character profile one profile?

That's all I can think of at the moment.
Not sure if your sentences make much sense with their wordings, but if I'm intrepreting this right, you want to switch characters but keep all your items and you want to have more than one active set of characters. First question is a maybe. If you can come up with an IC reason for your new guys to have your old stuff, than transferring is allowed. Second is a no, cause it'd be easy to cheat with and complicate things way too much. Anyway, there is a thread for general questions like this. You don't need to make a whole new topic.
There's also a Rebirth Topic in the rules that might help you out.
Okay once again sorry!

Anyway, by a good RP reason, what do you mean?

Because my reason is because Zane really doesn't accustom to me as much as my usual Character and Navi Keera and Empress does in Roleplay, and I wanted to use them instead. Plus, Zane doesn't really have a good storyline to cope with as the run away and all, while Keera herself is an evil charrie and I feel better knowing I can be active while causing terror to others.

I'm going to scrap Zane anyway and make a whole new character, and I wondered if I could transfer my items and Zenny if that's okay since I haven't been in nothing much but maybe three battles in one thread.

Besides, I think this place can use more evil!

One more question as well, I see the types of navi sub types you have, but you don't have summon nor Variable, and I wanted to know before I post Empress's profile since she is a summon type. Why is that?
By good IC reason, I mean the character needs a reason to have the chips. A good reason would be that your old character quit netbattling, so he decided to give them to his friend, which would be your new netop. A bad reason would be that your old guy lost his chips and by luck your new guy found them. There has to be some connection between the two and there has to be some reason why your old guy is giving his stuff to your new guy.

As for your second question, its because we're going mainly from the elements and types used in BN 6. The only type not found in that game that we use is Recovery. Invis, Plus, and Summon would not only complicate things furthur, but also possibly lead to hax. A navi might be able to use abilities from those types in a Sig attack, but not normal buster.
*Sigh* Okay, no good reason then, since Zane doesn't have any friends, and Keera want's to kill him not befriend him. I'll just make the profile and scraps Zane's while I'm at it. Do I have to send you a link to delete it or something?
What the hell, did you just slightly change an actress' name to make you netop's name?
Nope. I named her Keera Knightly because it represents Empress's defense since she creates to defend against attacks and then counters by destroying with crucial attacks bringing forth the term "Knight." At first Keera's last name was Matrix, but that didn't sound quite right. Now that you mentioned it, that name did sound familiar.

I think I'll change it back to Matrix since I don't want to be sued! XD
Well, if you provide that reason there, then it's technically not just named after some famous actress and you don't have to change it. :'D
Just wondering.
No pirate! But she is part cyborg! XD