Ronike and Strouth.exe

Name: Ronike
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Appearance: Sprite
Ronike is one of those who likes to keep to the shadows, and as such wears almost all black, except for his t-shirt. His favorite coat has a red X on it, based partially off of Strouth's insignia, and he also wears red gloves and shoes at his Navi's request, "Come on man, you don't want to look like your going to a funeral!" He spends most of his time now indoors, and as such is rather pale. His black hair is so messy that it often resembles a black flame on the top of Ronike's head, "Dude, I wish I had hair like yours!" "You don't have hair Strouth... And its not like its that cool anyways, just gets in my eyes so I can't see... Not that I can see all that well anyways..." "Dude, the fire that scarred your left eye was years ago, get over it. You have such good hearing it's like you don't even need to see anyways!" Despite being 6 feet tall, he manages to remain hidden in crowds, mainly because of the way he sulks around, "Come on man, don't be QUITE so happy to be outside!" It also doesn't hurt that he is quite skinny, and when he needs to can use his long legs to get away pretty fast, making him quite slippery, "Dude, if you were a Navi, you wouldn't even need Area Grab or Invis chips, you're so skinny you'd be impossible to hit!"

Personality: Ronike was a really outgoing child, he made friends with everyone he met, wore bright colors, and was really happy. But then, when he was 9, his Dad's Navi went Rogue and set fire to their house. Ronike escaped with his life, although his left eye was scarred and he can't see out of it, but his parents were not so lucky, and both died. The rogue navi was caught, but Ronike never quite got over it. He started wearing all black and kept to himself all throughout school and beyond, even to the point that some of his graduating class actually thought the fire had made him mute. He did extremely well, managing to keep a 4.0 all the way through senior year, so most of his teachers didn't worry about him, thought it was just a phase. But his senior year computer science teacher, who was quite close to Ronike, saw that it was in fact more, and as a graduation gift, gave him Strouth.exe, in hopes that the Navi would help him overcome the tragedy. Although Strouth and Ronike bicker nigh consistently, they are quite good friends, both being there for the other when needed. Strouth is practically Ronike's only friend...

PET Modifications: When Ronike tried to modify the PET to make it black, "It's harder to see and thus people will underestimate us...", Strouth.exe would have none of it. "It's just too depressing! Give it a little style, man!" However, Ronike found Strouth's desire to make the PET red and orange, "Come on, what looks cooler than the colors of fire?", completely idiodic, "Do we want people to be able to see the PET, at night, from a mile away? No..." So the two compromised and the PET is now black with orange trim. It also has wheels that Strouth controls, with speed comparable to that of the average remote control car, as well as a special program that allows Strouth.exe to jack in of his own will. Of course, after Strouth jacked into Ronike's stove and turned the flame all the way up, "I was cold! And your house was boring! No fires anywhere! So I thought I'd spice it up a bit! I mean it was perfectly safe, only minor burning to the carpet, and walls, and ceiling, and kitchen... Ok, so it wasn't really safe, but it was fun!", Ronike decided to install hardware that allowed him to turn this program off or on.

Name: Strouth
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Sword
Appearance: (sorry, no sprite for this one) Strouth is a fairly skinny, tall, and fairly long legs. He has thin boots, and keeps on his toes at all times. Around his wrists, he has bracelets with thin slits one them. These bracelets fire out flames that he can control. His hands are gloved in black. His main body is red, while the armor is darker orange. His face is humanoid, although his face is nigh always stuck in an expression of slightly crazed glee. Instead of hair, Strouth has flames atop his head. His insignia is red flames, crossed to form an x.

Personality: Strouth was created to be the next evil flame navi, but was quickly cast aside when he was found to be lacking the "ferocious" quality that those members looked for, "Lifes too short to go around killing people. It's far more fun to harass you Ronike!" He was then found in a near destroyed state and returned to "normal" by the computer science teacher aforementioned. The teacher removed the few harmful programs installed, but was unable to change the personality, so Strouth still really likes fire, and he occasionally forgets it can hurt people, "Hey, you still aren't mad I almost destroyed your kitchen Ronike?" "Almost destroyed... more like burnt down..." Strouth is fairly happy go lucky, and tends to be Ronike's optimistic side, even when its not all that logical, "Well hey, at least you didn't have to cook anything for a while!" "That's because there was nothing left to cook with..." Although he jokes a lot, he is a serious threat as a fighter, between the martial arts, deadly dual swords, and slight pyrokinesis. He also is quite good at predicting movement, which he uses most effectively with his dual swords

Custom Weapon: Strouth's buster produces a small flame, which he can then manipulate using limited Pyrokinesis to redirect it to any part of his body. Then he simply punches, kicks, etc. Being quite the effective martial artist, this proves highly effective and variable for Strouth, but only at close range. Strouth has no built in long range attacks. Charging increases the heat, and therefore damage, of the flames he uses to amplify his punches and kicks

Signature Attack: Dual Flame Sword Strouth's "bracelets" release a ton of fire, which Strouth then molds into the form of a sword on both arms. While doing this, he tracks his opponent's movements, and usually accurately predicts where they will be. He then gets close to them at them and unleashes a four hit combo upon them.
Four hit combo-fire-slashing-Take Aim[10]-50 Damage-2 turn CD
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