Navi Abilities

OK, let's make the battle more interesting *cough*imeancomplicated*cough*. What if there was an upgrade program you can purchase in like...level 15 that lets you create an active and/or passive ability of your navi. The ability can be status rising, speed raising, etc...So it will be like 20000 zenny worth *smirk*
We already have these. They're called PROCESS UPGRADES.
No fool! He means like allowing a Navi to continuously heal without using a SigAttk, or becoming immune to stun.
Har~ Thanks Zana~
Sounds like fun
And yet, like all of Goroke's suggestions, it shall never be implemented.
Hey...Wh...What's wrong to look towards the future, huh? WHAT IS WRONG!!! *Cries away in uber-dramatic-anime scene*

Meh, I KNEW this idea wouldn't be implemented, I just throw everything I can think of before I forget'em~
I don't think it's necessary. You can already have plenty of passive effects (ex. Moonlight's healing effect) without the use of anything extra. In addition, although I think it once said it couldn't, you can basically get extra speed in the form of prepped dodges and what not.

So yeah, no need to power up navis even further through this idea. Just use your signatures.
Indeed, just make a passive sigattack :3