Signature Attack System

Everyone knows I'm an ex-Moderator and therefore I know some of the things going on behind the scenes. One of these things is the remodeling of the Signature Attack System. I'd like to write about these in the following ways: "Normal 'over-powered' system" and "Growing 'less over-powered' system".

I will try to explain as much as possible how these two fit together.

Normal 'over-powered' system.

Quote (Normal System)

LVL1: 60
LVL1.5: 90
LVL2: 120
LVL2.5: 180
LVL3: 240
LVL4: 480
LVL5: 600

Correct me if I'm wrong, but almost everybody can see that this is over-powered. You could wipe someone of the Netscape with an offensive Signature Attack at level 3. Even with a level 2, granted the enemy has no power-ups yet.

This system has the following good points:
- A steady, easy to understand, system.
- A lot of freedom. Maybe too much.

This system has the following bad points:
- 'Weaker' Signature Attacks will be neglected eventually.
- Navi versus Navi becomes unfair as the damage done will be incredibly high.
- A strict order of purchase, even though this could be removed.
- Virus battles become too easy and become a chore, not enjoyable at all. In my opinion, that is.

The other system, however, is less over-powered... And while it may seem confusing, it's actually quite easy to understand and I will try to explain it as good as possible... I lack the entrance to the Mod Cave now, so I might be wrong. Moderator-who-gave-me-permission, feel free to edit it if it's wrong but keep in mind this is my version of the plans made.

Quote (Growing System)

LVL1: 60 -> 70 -> 80 -> 90 -> 100
LVL2: 100 -> 120 -> 140 -> 160
LVL3: 160 -> 180 -> 200
LVL4: 200 -> 250
LVL5: 300

Admittedly, this is not the exact same system as the Moderator-who-gave-me-permission suggested but it's not very far from it. As you can see, it's a growing system and I will explain how it'll work. In my eyes that is...

You begin with a level 1 Signature Attack.
You buy a level 2 Process Upgrade.
You will receive a level 2 Signature Attack and the overall maximum damage for the level 1 Signature Attacks will raise from 60 to 70, thus allowing you to quickly change it for these small things.
You buy a level 3 Process Upgrade.
You receive a level 3 Signature Attack and the overall maximum damage for the level 1 and 2 Signature Attacks will raise. LVL1 will raise from 70 to 80 and LVL2 will raise from 100 to 120.
You buy a level 1 Process Upgrade.
You receive a level 1 Signature Attack with the same overall maximum damage of the other level 1 Signature Attacks.

Maximum AMOUNT of Signature Attacks remains unchanged. 3 LVL1, 2 LVL2, 1 LVL3, 1 LVL4 and 1 LVL5.

This system has the following good points:
- Your first level 1 Signature Attack will not be completely useless when you get stronger, since it'll grow along with your Navi.
- You can buy the Process Upgrades in every order you want to. But if you immediately buy a Process Upgrade level 5 at the start, level 1 Signature Attacks will only raise from 60 to 70, not from 60 to 100.
- A fair system for Navi versus Navi battles, excellent for those who enjoy this.
- Gives some challenge to virus battles.
- I can only see one bad point coming from this system.

This system has the following bad points:
- Slightly less freedom when creating a signature attack, but this mostly counts for Signature Attacks like those of Eon and Atrus. No offense to you two.

Please post your comment on these two systems and which you prefer. Also pick your choice in the Poll so we can come to a conclusion eventually. I'm not a Moderator, but I am a supporter of the members having the right to vote along in the creation of new systems. I thank you for your attention.

A small note to Moderators. If you are going to do this, I suggest removing Process Edits. Too much of a hassle.
Shur's got the system.

Simply put, your Sigs grow slightly when you get another Sig of the same or higher power. After all, it's a "Process" upgrade. As your Processing power increases, shouldn't your original attacks power up as well?

Yes, the later Sigs lose a bit of damage, but the overall damage should remain about the same--just more evenly distributed.

I'll refrain from voting.
How do the new damage maximums affect Cooldown?
This is just my opinion. I think the growing system is good. But when we reach level 5, the damage will maintain the same way until the end and no other upgrades? What if we can buy another upgrades so that the sig atk will continue growing as we RP more and more?
Well, the way I had it planned was that the damage maximum rises--which would allow you to pump up the Sig or keep it as it is. Pumping it up to maximum allowed would raise CoolDown, naturally.

About the Level 5 thing... During the course of RECN (the old forum), only one person managed to get a Level 5 during it's one-year run. We'll cross that bridge when we reach it.

With a growing system, tho, I think we can easily adapt should the need arise.
Good. Then my Level 1 Sigs shall remain a quick source of spammable status effects, terrain changes, and defense boosts with pitiful damage values and low relative cooldowns.
It's all about flexibility and overall balance. I think I need to stress that there's no requirement to pump past Sigs up to their new maximums when you get them. ^^;
Does that means, the damage caps rises as we buy Process Upgrades, then we can choose whether to raise the damage of the previous sig atk or not. I f we choose to raise the damage, then we should add more cooldown....hmm, double edgy...

Well, I'd say go for Growing Sig.
Less over powered. In the previous RP before (ToNE), I tried my best to utilize all of my attacks so it can be used even after the navi gets the final attack. If we have something less over-powering, I'm pretty sure that everyone would use the lower level ones also~

*skips around a flower field*
To me, this is like the .hack games system compared to the .hack//g.u. engine.

As a person, I'd take g.u. anyday, because it's all about power leveling in .hack.

Humm... I like it, mostly because the Lv. 1 sig doesn't become so horribly obsolete as soon as you leave ACDC. The King approves.
Love the new version. I'm going for option #2--the new one.
Would adding new effect count towards a raise in the cooldown when I buy a new upgrade? Such as...

60 damage...three turn cool down.

Buy upgrade.

60 damage and stun....three turn cooldown?
Depends on how much the buff increases the overall power.

A stun would add a turn of CD, definitely.
Ok then. One more question.

60 damage, three turn cooldown

But TWO upgrades.

60 damage, stun, three turn cooldown.

Would the buying of two upgrades, and not upping the power of the attack, just adding stun, add a cooldown? I bought two, so it should amke for for it, seeing as I didn't spend the first up in power.

Also, you said yourself, Demon, that it is a process upgrade correct? So why couldn't just the power be upgraded? I mean the Navi would have learned to control its power over time, and make it stronger and stuff. It should have knowledge over the power and be able to use the buff version more.

Maybe instead you should do...

After two buffs in power the cooldown goes up accordinaly. Mer?
You misunderstand, Rinku. The system gives you greater flexibility in your Sigs with each upgrade. The CoolDown system remains the same.

Quote (Demonstar)

About the Level 5 thing... During the course of RECN (the old forum), only one person managed to get a Level 5 during it's one-year run. We'll cross that bridge when we reach it.

Um... Fenix and ONE other person got level 5's... I just don't know who the other person was.
Eon never managed to get his past Registration. Thus, Fenix was the only one to reach Process Level 5.
No, I understood. I was suggesting another way. Tis all.

The system sounds ok to me.

I still have yet to vote, as I like both systems.

Quote (Demonstar)

Eon never managed to get his past Registration. Thus, Fenix was the only one to reach Process Level 5.

Oh... oops.

Anyways, I vote for the new system.

Just like 13 of the other 14 voters.