Resuming battle

Now I was in the middles of a battle when the site got closed, will my battle resume or do i have to start a new one?
Hehehe any1 else find it funny that within 1 hour of the board being created, we got so many? ^^
We couldn't save the battle threads.

Sorry, I guess you'll have to start over once we decide what to do.
No biggie, i was getting my ass kicked anyhow.
Well, that's because most of our members are used to big upheavals and this is no exception.

But I do find it funny that this was created just in case Nalerenn went ballistic and shut the board down, but the board was shut down because he found this.
No offense, but I blame Zerosaber for posting that post. I'm sorry Zero, but you kinda made it public. I still like you man, but think about it.
But, as it was pointed out, Nal would have found out anyways. This just speeded up the process. And, because of his post, I was warned enough to save my stuff.

He saved Voltman.
My statement stands that "someone blew it," but at least it worked out.
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa!

The only person that blew it is Nal. ZS, you didn't do anything wrong. Actually, I could have deleted that topic about five minutes after you posted it.

But you know, it doesn't matter. What's done is done, and it's already seeming a lot better.
The board without Nal DOES seem better somehow...or maybe that's just old people coming back
I mean I don't want to really blame Zero. But I guess your right, it just speeded up the process.