Kento Hydra and Azure.EXE

Name: Kento Hydra
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kento is a young boy with a light tan and a small button nose. He has black hair (and thus eyebrow, etc.) with dark brown eyes.He is somewhat short for is age and rather chubby. His fingers are fast allowing him to pull chips out faster. He regularly wears a blue t-shirt with blue jeans and white shoes with red trim. He occasionally wears a white hat so his black hair would not absorb all the heat and melt his head.
Personality: Kento is a nice kid who is indifferent in many situations. He tries his best to stay on the sidelines knowing that he is very clumsy and would most likely mess things up. He is also very lazy, which is why Kento's parents got him a Navi, so he would be out more often. Kento also has a self-confidence issue.
PET Modifications: Kento's PET is blue with silver trim. It has a small camera for spying, taking pictures, making videos, and letting the Navi see behind him. It is also wireless

Name: Azure
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Type: Sword
Appearance: Azure is a knight Navi. He wears full set of Navy Blue knight armor. His helmet has a large point on it but it is just for looks. He wears a cloak that does nothing. He has a shield that he uses for one of his attacks. His coat of arms which is one both is shield and cloak shows a shield divided in the center. On the left it is completely cyan and on the right it is just white.
Personality: Azure is a quiet Navi. He does not speak with other Navis, allowing Kento to speak for him. He is cocky and believes he can defeat anything that comes his way. He fights for justice and fairness.
Custom Weapon: Azure Lance - A blue and silver colored lance appears. He can charge or throw the lance to attack.
Signature Attack: Azure Sword - A silver sword appears. Azure strikes it creating a Northwind. (Sig 1, 20 Points, Northwind)

Azure Shield - Azure hides behind his shield to block one attack. (Sig. 2, 20 points, X-hit defense)

Azure Lance - Azure's blue and silver colored lance appears. It strikes through all defenses to attack. (Sig 3, 20 Points, Break)
Fixed the title for you. I'm out of time for today, but if someone else doesn't come along first, I'll look this over when I get home from work tomorrow.
Thank you.
Generic blue knight gives google very little to work with. Don't seem to be a copyright issue, so I'm giving the go-ahead (assuming I still got reg rights).

Anyways, you need to clarify your sig. I'd recommend reading HERE and HERE. You have 60 points to allocate amongst your Signature Attacks.

PM me or... heck, anyone with a color'd name if you need help.
Ah, you know that you can have all the effects in one signature, right? Asking this only because break in itself is pretty useless. So is a single hit barrier... Well, regardless, this looks good. I can't approve, personally, but someone should be on the way soon.
Looks great, and I'm pleased to see more Aqua types.

It makes me seem more special as the ((almost)) only Wood type user. XD


GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1

Please post your info in their proper sections, and welcome to RERN.