Alf and Howe


Name:Alf Ackart

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: His family tree takes him back to Götaland where his ancestors hailed from. His family appearance hasn't changed much. He stands about 182.9 cm high and weighs 90 kg. He has dirty blond hair and is a semi-muscular. He looks tough and that he could easily win a fight but has never been in one in his life and doesn't know what would happen.

Personality: He is the classic bookworm. A quiet person that isn't adapt at making friends. Usually he makes one good friend who introduces him to other people. On the outside he seems like a funny person that is very kind but he never recognizes his own kindness and is constantly afraid of loosing what he has. His jokes sometimes go too far because he gets comfortable very quickly and is called a jerk at times; he is also confused on what is an appropriate joke time such as after someone breaks up with a girlfriend he doesn't know when he can joke about it. Immediately after though he feels terrible and tries to apologize profusely. As for his spiritual side, he is a pagan that still worships the old gods of nature from his heritage. He attends may festivals and does not hide his area of worship even though he is constantly persecuted for it.

PET Modifications: Tie Dye color scheme the colors being green and black. One the back is Alf's family crest.


Name: Howe

Gender: Male

Element: Wood

Type: Sword

Appearance: Striking image of a Norse warrior; long blond hair with a mighty beard and tall with a very muscular build. He wears the common leather body armor of the Norse people but instead of a helmet he wears a leather band around his forehead that has rune all around the band. On his back he carries his long spear that is his most trusted weapon.

Personality: Howe is very stubborn but listens to everything that Alf has to say. He is the embodiment of a Norse warrior forever loyal to his lord and master and would fight to the death for him. Battle does not scare him, it is what he looks forward to.

Custom Weapon: Long metallic spear

Signature Attack: Blessing of the Forefather
Howe hurls his spear at his opponent and the spear seems to get blessed by Ymir, the great-great-grandfather of the all-father, and upon impact tears through his enemy (60dmg with a 2 turn cool down).
Did you see the rules subforum? In case you missed it, here are the explanations on types and elements.

Not sure where this is, but each type also has a weakness (Fire beats Wood, Wood beats Elec, Elec beats Aqua, Aqua beats Fire). Of course, you don't need an element or a type. You could just go normal if you're having trouble picking out which one seems to fit the best. In any case, since you said you're new to Rockman/Megaman stuff, there's also a Questions and Suggestions subforum if you have questions or need help. Plus, if you want to actually talk to people on the site and get fast feedback, there's also the chat, located here:

In any case, I don't see anything glaringly wrong with this, so you probably don't have to change anything if you don't want to. If that's the case, then just wait for someone higher ranked than me to come along and approve this. Good luck.

Edit: Someone also pointed out to me that your signature attack needs a name, so you will need to edit things a bit, it seems.
A small comment:
A Norse warrior? Obedient?

I think it'd be Wood, Sword subtype...
I changed a few things. Named my Sig attack and decided on my element and type.

As for the comment on Norse Warriors being obedient, you must not know much about them since yes they did what they want but when it came to listening to their lord or anyone that had a higher rank they did so. Honor and loyalty was the highest virtues among the Norse people. I am a Anthropologist so I study other cultures and their mythology. =)
I'm ending the conversation here considering it's in your reg topic, but I'm also very interested in older Pagan religions and whatnot...
I'll PM you or get on the chat or something.
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I see no problems.


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