Ceres Notara and Enigma.EXE

Name: Ceres Notara

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ceres is an average height, about 5'9", with nicely defined muscles but nothing to pose with. His hair reaches down to where his neck meets his shoulders, a deep black color. He'll usually wear some sort of t-shirt or other tight short-sleeve shirt in warm weather, which he makes a point of always living in. However, he also makes a point of wearing very dark blue jeans that are slightly too long for him, almost touching the soles of his brown flip-flops. His eyes are bright green and lively, usually darting from side to side, examining his environment. While there would seem to be no apparent reason for it with his comfortable life-style, his hands are scarred in many places, with lacerations all across his palms.

Personality: Ceres, put simply, represents fire. He doesn't have too much of a temper, but he can be provoked easily, and can hold his own in one-on-one combat. Being the pugnacious young man that he is, Ceres must have something to cool him down (Enigma.EXE). He will often bicker with his navi about strategy, also being an intelligent young man, and will argue about nearly anything that he should come upon, not caring whether he wins or loses.

PET Modifications: Ceres' PET, of course, is based on his navi's color, with a deep purple theme and black trim. There's nothing otherwise that's particularly special about it.

Name: Enigma.EXE

Gender: Unspecified, personality is most likely male, referred to as 'he' regardless

Element: Normal

Type: Break

Appearance: Enigma takes the form of any non-organic (animal/plant etc.) object that he should choose. When not in combat or transforming for the fun of it, Enigma takes the default form of a slightly fluxing humanoid. His features usually change from different forms of bits of data strung together, with his eyes and mouth (small, but eloquent) sticking out, not changing while the rest of his body shifts endlessly. His hands will usually subconsciously form different objects attached mysteriously to his arms, not based on his motion, but because he likes the looks of it and lets himself transform freely.

However, the one thing that stays the same about him is his color. The majority of his body (usually the center parts, like torso, thighs, or head of a hammer, etc.) is a deep, magnificent royal purple. The detail (haft of weapon, ends of limbs, etc.) is pitch-black, giving him an overall dark look. His eyes are a piercing light blue, not to plagiarize Harry Potter or anything, but it could seem as if he were "x-raying" you with those eyes. Going back to his overall look, he never seems to be complete — there's always some part of his body that's missing, like half of his chest, or his thigh. He seems to be in constant shift, always with some bit of his body being re-formed or broken down to and from bits of data.

Personality: Enigma is Ceres' polar opposite, representing ice. He's mainly cool under pressure, and can manage his passion or anger, using cold instead of hot. Hot anger can be manipulated; cold anger is useful. Disdain will make your enemies angry and have them make mistakes, but you can do the same — or so Enigma reasons. He, like his NetOp, enjoys debates, although he doesn't jump upon the opportunity to disagree or prove another wrong so readily. Enigma will often sit still, if cautiously, for minutes at a time, evaluating his situation, and different ways to manipulate it to his advantage. However, he's not above having a good time.

Custom Weapon: Enigma has no real set weapon. He can change his overall form, or just his arms, at will, as aforementioned, into any non-organic substance. He prefers weapons of some sort, and doesn't hesitate to provide comic relief during skirmishes. For example, he could turn into a katana and slash an enemy virii, or attach mallets to his hands and use them as weapons in humanoid form.

Signature Attack: Strike of the Gods
As Ceres has so elegantly titled it, Enigma simply strikes an enemy more powerfully, or with the "power of the Gods". (60 damage, 2-turn cooldown)

Note: The pair have nicknames for one another, with Ceres resorting to "En" or "N" as short for "Enigma", and Enigma using "Cer" (pronounced sehr).

((Enigma and Ceres are in waiting pretty much for Kure and Zephyr to finish the event. Once they do, they'll be considered inactive, and this pair will supplant them. Think of K/Z as a test run... ))
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Will you be transferring stuff, and if so, how does it work, IC?
Zephyr's going to be deleted in the event, and Kure will give his stuff to his brother Ceres, who's been away for a while, out of depression.

The long-lost brother trick, it always works <3

Basically, Ceres/Enigma will start with the usual stuff and get bolstered with interesting chips, zenny, etc.

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