Tsujsa Reise and Validus.exe

Returning, and decided to start fresh cause I can't remember all the plans I made for my original netnavi.

Name: Tsujsa Reise
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Zomg Link!

Tsujsa Reise is of Russian Origin. His hands are bandaged because of the disease which not only disabled his ability to do strenuous work, it also reduced his immunity to various skin diseases. In order to avoid infection it is often bandaged when he leaves home.

Personality: Generally quiet, though he can sometimes be active in heated conversations. He was born with an affliction that seemed to have stunted the growth of his hands. While he may still carry out basic actions like holding a cup or eating, he is unable to do strenuous work such as lifting a heavy object or defend himself with his hands from anything. To protect himself, he learned the arts of Taekwondo and learned to defend himself using his feet.

Name: Validus.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Normal
Appearance: Link will come soon so long as my Scanner is working, but in the meantime this be the text description.

Validus appears to be a rather tall person. Usually when he's not engaged in combat he has a cloak around his shoulders. A large cannon is mounted on his back while a handgun is slung at right above his right knee. There is a one-eye visor on his right eye mounted on top of a helmet. His Navi logo is a circle with a bullet in the middle. The logo isn't found on his chest, but rather on his shoulder pads.

Personality: It's safe to say Validus is cheery and most of the time is ready for a joke. However, in combat, he is cold, calculating and thinks only of victory. In very bad situations however, Validus would attempt to maintain both his and his operator's morale in order to ensure that both of them would escape to safety.
Custom Weapon:
Handgun = Normal Buster.
Validus Cannon = Used for charge shots or to fire battlechips such as flmburn or Thunder.
Signature Attack:
War beam = Homing, 20 damage. Extra 20 damage but will tax 15 HP off navi.

The Validus Cannon loads up an alternative firing mode, and instead of firing in one cannon-like shot, it launches a huge beam that zigzags through cyberspace and finds it's way straight into it's target.
OVERCHARGED MODE: The Validus Cannon will fire for much longer, but this will cause it to overheat and as a result, damage the holder due to the extreme heat generated from firing it.
I need a text description for your Op as well.

Also, will you be ditching your stuff, or are you gonna try to come up with some RP reason to keep some of it?
Most likely I'll be ditching most of the stuff. Except the Zennies which I'm going to say was leftover money from the creation of Validus. If it's not an acceptable reason then I suppose I'll ditch the money too.
Yeah, I'm afraid that money is a no go. But other than that, you're approved, so enjoy.