Revamping GigaMan.EXE

Signature Attacks:
Points: 200

Points used:200/200

[GigaBarrier] - [HP Barrier] 40 HP Barrier. (40:40) = 40 points. ACC: S [1 TCD]
Generates a HP Barrier.

[GigaBlast] - [Shot Type] (30 Null)Blast2. (30)(2) = 60 points. ACC: A [2 TCD]
GigaMan fires a large golden energy ball at an enemy that explodes into a 3x3 area of damage.

[High Focus] - [Passive Take Aim] (10 x 4) = 40 points.
GigaMan achieves a state of mental focus that raises the accuracy of his next attack.

[Viral Roar] - [Shot Type] [Stun1 + Nova2] (30)(2) = 60 Points ACC: A [2 TCD]
GigaMan releases a loud roar that strikes fear into his surrounding enemies.
Looks fine to me mechanically, approved