Rose and Mokusei

In hindsight, I realized that I don't like this character that I've made at all. I really need to step a little away from what I always do, and make something a little different.

I feel really bad though, because this is like, the, um, (Volt, Zephyr, Lux, Force) 5th set of characters I've made, ((Well, a little more, as I made more characters when I registered first for both sites, but they all lost out to my originals)) and my last set is still on the first page of the New-User's registry.

So, here they go. Something at least a little different.

Name: Rose Dunrae
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rose is about average in height, somewhere near 5' 2". Her weight, though she wouldn't tell you, is around 105 lbs. She is lean, but has a little curve to her. She has brilliant, large, sky-blue eyes, a small nose, and a small chin, which help give her a cute, feminine look. Her hair is a rich brown, and is long and straight. She has bangs, cut to about an inch, but the rest of her hair is far longer, coming down to just below chest-level on her back. She views her hair as too straight and boring down, so she usually just puts it up in a ponytail with a pink elastic, which she believes makes it look slightly more "fun." Rose wears clothes that she thinks look good on her, and they do. She wears a tight pink tee shirt over a loose white long sleeve shirt. Her left wrist sports a cute little watch with a pink band. Her Right ring finger has three rings on it, one a silver band, which she got from a friend on her birthday, one a silver ring with small pink jewel, which her mother gave her and the last a pink band which she bought with her grandmother when she was little. She wears a pair of tight, light blue jeans, and over them hangs a pink belt. The belt is only through one loop on her left hip, so the right half hangs lower than the left. Her Pet is securely fastened onto her belt, on the right side. She finishes off her ensemble with a pair of white sneakers with pink laces.
Personality: Rose is an interesting character. Her favorite kind of food is strawberry ice cream; her favorite type of music is pop. Spring is her favorite season, followed by Winter, then Summer, and finally Autumn. Her favorite subject in school is mythology, which she finds very interesting. Her favorite is Ancient Roman Mythology, which is where some of her inspiration for Mokusei came from. And, her favorite color, if not made clear by her outfit, is pink. She is a nice girl, in general, and likes to help out others. She isn't however, a perfect little angel. She is competitive, and is willing to bend the rules, if she sees it as necessary. She is also sarcastic when confronted with things she views as "stupid." She is friendly, and, for the most part, optimistic.
PET Modifications: Her pet is white, but has a pink skin over it. She stores it in a clear protective case on her belt.

Name: Mokusei
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Mokusei is not the largest Navi. However, he isn't the smallest either. He is of average size, or slightly under, and has a lean build. He has a white hood which completely covers his face, save two black holes in the mask over his eyes. The hood is pointed backwards and upwards, slightly. His neck is wrapped with a long purple scarf, which had two tails, each about two feet long. Mokusei's waist features a purple belt, which is just a single loop around his waist. His feet are covered with a pair of purple two toed boots which are purple in color, like his belt and scarf. The only other purple articles that he possesses are his gloves, which come up past his wrists. His body and legs are covered in a white bodysuit.
Personality: Mokusei is a logical person, quiet, no-nonsense type navi. It isn't that he's void of emotion, he just doesn't show it. He always follows his mind, instincts, or orders. He is loyal and does what Rose says, even if he disagrees, though he will argue. He will usually do whatever serves him best, or whatever will help him accomplish his goals. He isn't a social person, but isn't specifically anti-social. He doesn't avoid others; he simply doesn't go out of his way to meet them.
Custom Weapon: Mokusei weilds a large, Japanese-style bow. His charged shot uses better quality arrows. Summons the bow whenever he plans to use it, and uses his power over wood to creat arrows for each attack.
Signature Attack:

Yobidasu: Kasei : Mokusei activates one of his summoning cards, that of the god Mars. The card circles him 4 times, and he then traces a symbol on it. Mars then appears in the form of an armored soldier, wielding an impressive spear. He then charges towards an opponent designated by Mokusei, and slashes at them. It deals 80 damage. ([60] sig pool + Charge time[30] = 90 = 90 damage, 3 turn cooldown)

Sig Points Remaining: 0/60

Alright, now I have another question. It says in rebirth rules that Sig. Attack level 1, etc. are automatically kept, but the system has been changed, so do I keep the Signature Pool Expansion thing still? If so, then I want to have this sig as well.

Senshi: Mokusei uses a particularly sharp arrow, which causes more damage. ([40]sig pool = 40 damage, 1 turn Cooldown)

Sig Points Remaining: 0/100

This leads me to another question: Is the damage dealt by a signature attack defaulted to the element of the navi, null element, or is it a choice thing. I'm guessing it's the element of the Navi, but I decided I'd make sure. If so, then my sig's damage would be in Wood damage.

If I can, I'd like to keep my chips. I'll lose the money, but I want the chips. This, in an IC-reason, Rose is Connor's older sister. She just got interested in this whole net-battling thing, after seeing how much fun the kids at school, her friends, and her brother, seemed to get out of it. Her little brother has been in on it for a while, so she asked him if he would be willing to give her something to help her get off on the right foot. He said that he could, but didn't expect her to actually ever get into it. However, for her birthday, her parents bought her a Navi, and her brother, having nothing else to give, gave her his chips. This was due to his promise to help her out, his wanting to help her out, and encouragement from Force that they must give to those less fortunate, since they could easily survive with skill alone. However, as they were very useful to him, and he worked hard to get them, he told her that she would owe him when his birthday rolled around.

I did plan on giving Connor a sister, though I didn't plan to use her. She was just going to be a background character in his life. But now she has a purpose.

Also, I am currently signed up for that event that is coming up eventually. However, I am signed up as Force. If the changing of my character is going to cause a problem with anything, I'm willing to drop out. Not that I want to or anything, just saying that if it is necessary, I'm not going to whine about it, since it'd be my fault. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I do want to switch. I guess it was bad planning on my part. Well, at least these characters are my most unique yet, an operator who isn't a fifteen-year-old boy (she's a girl, this time), and a Summoner/Archer/Ninja Navi that isn't a total goody-two-shoes altruist.
((Hate to be intrusive.
But here goes the wood-type bandwagon.
Be prepared to wait for a LOOOOOOONG time.
((I chose wood becuase It made sense to me.))

((Oh, and did you know that you are the third person with a navi named Zephyr? I just realised that.))

((And I'm willing to wait. Whatever.))
Ahem, would all of you regular people kindly butt out of this Reg thread? KTHXBAI

As for the registration application itself...I can't approve it. However, I can give feedback! Personally, the navi design reminds me of a KKK member with a fetish for the color purple, but mebbe that's just me. Everything else looks fine...Rebirth needs Admin/Official approval. Um, I believe Sig DMG defaults to Navi Element. Meh, wait for an Admin or something...Feel free to PM if three days pass. Bump rules apply here as well, after all.
Oh yeah, thanks for pointing that out to me, Zan.

HIKO AND SILVER GET: Warn +1, lol.

Now then, the way rebirth works is this: First, you can keep your chips, IC reason is okay. Second, you keep what sig upgrades you had before, but they'll be transfered into Zenny, so you can go and buy the new upgrades IC.

So, the rest is beautiful, so Approved. Second sig can't be approved until you buy the new upgrade thingies, and the character change is okay for you to still participate in the event.