Torrent's Sigs

The most exciting and original sigs!

Spiral Splash: Torrent charges up her Torrent Finger weapon with a much larger bubble of electricity, slightly bigger than her head. The bubble is fired from the finger nozzle with an explosive discharge, which spirals on its journey towards the target.

(40 DMG, Shot Type = 40, 1 TCD)

Ocean Current: Torrent releases a rejuvenating current into her liquid electricity, purging a target's programming of harmful data.

(30 HP Heal = 40, 1 TCD)
So I have spake, so mote it be; APPROVAL!

(P.S.: Sorry about peacing in the middle of your valiant duel with DarkSpiritZero)
No problem! Glad to see you back! (^-^ )b

New Sigs:

Sparking Tide: Torrent diverts her liquid electricity into her boots, storing pressure. A crackle of sparks unleashes the pressure, allowing her to jump forward or ski along the ground. The electric liquid released surges in her wake and spills across the battlefield, charging all the panels it touches with magnetism. (Movement + Large Area Terrain Effect (Magnet)) = 60, 2TCD)

Sink Potential: Torrent launches a stream of static-charged bubbles from her finger nozzles at a target. The bubbles cling to the target’s body and each other, hindering the target’s ability to act until they can dislodge the nuisances. (Stun x2, Shot Type = 60, 2TCD)

Edit Sigs:

[OLD] Hydro Power: (50 HP Barrier + Knockback) = 60, 2TCD
[NEW] Hydro Power: (70 HP Barrier + Knockback) = 80, 2TCD)

[OLD] Spiral Splash: (40 DMG, Shot Type = 40, 1 TCD)
[NEW] Spiral Splash: (40 DMG, Shot Type, Same Element (Elec) = 40, 1 TCD)

Sig Breakdown:
Hydro Power = 80 (80/280)
Spiral Splash = 40 (120/280)
Ocean Current = 40 (160/280)
Sparking Tide = 60 (220/280)
Sink Potential = 60 (280/280)
Hmmmmm...yea that all looks good, approved!
Thank you! <3