Warrior's Upgrades

Warrior has +200 SP <Link>

He's also using this time to redistribute his starting 60 SP.

[90/260 SP]

I plan to spend the first 90 SP on a concept I introduced and held a discussion about quite some time ago. Now that Warrior is Lv5 and has the necessary Passive Sig Cap to allow these effects, I'd like to implement them. This Sig was discussed in <this post>.

* SP Cost: 10 (Object HP) + 20 (Equipable) + (20 * 3) (Random Pool [Passive Effects])]

[[b]Jewel Cross[/b]] -- [90 SP] -- [[u]3 CD[/u]]
[[i]A glowing orb materializes infront of the target of this Sig. The white orb slowly shifts its figure into a cross-shaped jewel pendant that gently attaches itself to the target's neck Once attached, the white-light bathing the pendant appears to shatter, revealing the material empowering the accessory...[/i]]
[[size=50]Provides a Random Pendant to a chosen target[/size]] Properties [[size=50]10 HP (Light + Equipable)[/size]]
[[size=50]A RNG is used to determine the Pendant created, using the list below as reference[/size]]

Pendant Effects

[[b]1 - Rose Quatrz Cross of Mobility[/b]]
[[i]A Pendant crafted of Rose Quartz. Emanates a golden aura and enhances mobility[/i]]
[[size=50]Passive[/size]] [[size=50]Pendant provides a Free Movement Action for 1 Target every turn[/size]]

[[b]2 - Topaz Cross of Life[/b]]
[[i]A Pendant crafted of Topaz. Emanates a golden aura and enhances tenacity[/i]]
[[size=50]Passive[/size]] [[size=50]Pendant Restores 15 HP to a single target, once per turn[/size]]

[[b]3 - Ruby Cross of Power[/b]]
[[i]A Pendant crafted of Ruby. Emanates a golden aura and enhances strength[/i]]
[[size=50]Passive[/size]] [[size=50]Pendant provides a +20 Strengthening effect, once per turn[/size]]

[[b]4 - Emerald Cross of Protection[/b]]
[[i]A Pendant crafted of Emerald. Emanates a golden aura and provides its bearer with a semi-translucent, emerald shield[/i]]
[[size=50]Passive[/size]] [[size=50]Pendant creates a 1-Hit Shield, once per turn[/size]]

[[b]5 - Sapphire Cross of Concentration[/b]]
[[i]A Pendant crafted of Sapphire. Emanates a golden aura and enhances focus and accuracy[/i]]
[[size=50]Passive[/size]] [[size=50]Pendant provides two free Take Aim actions every turn[/size]]

* Note: These effects count as Free Actions for the Owner of the pendant.
** Note: Pendants can be passed from owner to owner at the expense of 1 Movement Action from both participants.

[160/260 SP]

In the same thread, another concept was introduced and briefly discussed. I'd like to spend my next 70 Sig Points on creating that effect.

[[b]Multi-Layer Barrier[/b]] -- [70 SP] -- [[u]2 CD[/u]]
[[i]A thick barrier encompasses Warrior's body, one that cannot be destroyed by a single strike; only layers of it will fall away at a time.[/i]]
[[size=50]Multi-Stage[/size]] First [[size=50]Create a single Grass Panel underfoot[/size]] Then [[size=50]20 HP Planar Barrier[/size]] Then [[size=50]Trigger(Barrier Broken): 20 HP Planar Barrier[/size]] Then [[size=50]Trigger(Barrier Broken): 20 HP Planar Barrier[/size]]

[260/260 SP]

The last 100 SP will be spent on a new skill entirely.

[[b]Teleport Juke[/b]] -- [100 SP] -- [[u]3 CD[/u]]
[[i]Warrior teleports to another location, but he leaves behind a look-alike to fool his enemies. The look alike will resume Warrior's previous action without any hint of change - if he was running, the decoy will continue to run - if he was standing still, the decoy will continue to stand still. The transition is unnoticeable.[/i]]
[[size=50]Teleport + Decoy[/size]]
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Sorry for the wait. I can approve your sigs, but be aware that moderators are discussing a rule that would prohibit the multi-layer barrier sig. The main reason: it effectively allows you to stack barriers, which was forbidden by the implementation of defense layers, specifying one barrier active per navi. The ruling has not gone through one way or the other right now and was up in the air for a good while, but it may now be expedited since a user is legally attempting to register such a signature.

So, if you want, I can approve it, but you will likely have to change it soon after, or you can modify it, whichever you choose.
That's understandable then.

I don't wanna go breaking the system or whatever, but I'm also too lazy to think up a replacement for that skill.

Might as well enjoy it while it lasts then, I suppose, lol?

I'll keep it for now, and then switch it out when the verdict is decided. Meanwhile, I should have plenty of time to come up with something new and equally as effective.

So all set? =3
That's fine, then, I'll approve this. If there is a change later, I'd encourage you to come back and reallocate the points.
The Multi-Layer Barrier is in need of replacement due to rule updates; I'll go ahead and fix that now so that it will be ready by the time Warrior makes it to his next battle.

Available SP: 70

[[b]Follow Up[/b]] -- [90 SP] -- [[u]3 CD[/u]]
[[i]Warrior swings repeatedly with his sword after striking with another sword-based weapon. The ravaging combo causes his personal weapon to shatter though, and it takes a few moments to reform on its own.[/i]]
[[size=50]Trigger(Warrior: Slashing Attack used): Feint[/size]] Then [[size=50]Buster Shot[/size]] Then [[size=50]Buster Shot[/size]] Then [[size=50]Buster Lock[/size]]

SP Cost: +20 Allowed SP for Buster Lock (Nerf) || 30 SP Cost per Feint/Buster Shot

Was that done correctly? Wasn't sure if the Buster Lock could be placed on a Sig with Buster Shots, but figured I'd try.

Also it's worth knowing: Can each Buster Shot be aimed at a separate target since it's split up like that, or does that need to be specified/paid for? It was intended to have the option available,so I'm willing to change that if I need to.

In most cases, signatures with multiple damage points are either multi-hit (all on one target), or Multi target (max target count/range, but only ever one per target), with the 'Variable Targeting' effect, which allows you to pick and choose individual targets per hit, reserved for specific chips... I -Think- that has to hold sway here, despite the multi-stage set-up, but I'm not 100% on that.

In terms of the way it's set up, the 'trigger' aspect is the condition, but triggers require a leading attribute. The leading attribute will be one of the ones listed below the basic trigger entry on the effect list, so, Delayed Damage, Trap, Counter, or Time Delay. Generally speaking, if it's a trigger condition that doesn't fit directly into the other types, it will be considered a trap: The condition for this one is Warrior using a slashing attack, with the result being an immediate follow-up payload... So it's not a Time Delay, a Counter, or a Delayed Damage, so the attribute should probably be Trap.

So you might write it: Trigger:Trap(Warrior Uses a Slashing Attack): (Multi-Stage: First, [Feint], Then [Buster Shot], Then [Buster Shot], Then [Buster Lock].

Which is more or less what you did, yes, but listing the attribute for the trigger, and the fact that it is, indeed, multi-stage, are helpful.

You can put the BusterLock in the same signature, like this, precisely because it's set up as a Multi-Stage, with the Lock coming after the other effects.... Bear in mind, however, that if the buster is still crashed, you will not be able to use this sig until it recovers. (Crashes carry over between battles, so, as a demonstration example, if you use this signature and it wins the battle, Warrior's Buster will be locked for the first two turns of the next battle, and the Sig will thus be unavailable, even though it isn't on cool-down.)

Everything looks fine from a technical perspective, but I'll have to wait on word from someone else regarding the targeting question.
I'm alright with just hitting 1 Target with both strikes then. All set?

[[b]Follow Up[/b]] -- [[color=#CC6666]90 SP[/color]] -- [[u]3 CD[/u]]
[[i]Warrior swings repeatedly with his sword after striking with another sword-based weapon. The ravaging combo causes his personal weapon to shatter though, and it takes a few moments to reform on its own.[/i]]
[Trigger [size=50](Trap: Warrior uses a Slashing Attack)[/size]] - [[size=50]Multi-Stage[/size]] First [[size=50]Feint[/size]] Then [[size=50]Buster Shot[/size]] Then [[size=50]Buster Shot[/size]] Then [[size=50]Buster Lock[/size]]

With the single-target portions of the multi-stage progression all being directed at the same target, I'd say you're all set.