RiderMan sig upgrades

[60/140] PU #2 Max Cap: 60 (90 Nerf) 20 Passive

Wheel Bash (Movement + 10dmg + Stun + 2TCD) [60pts]

Wheel Bash (Movement + 10dmg + Stun + 2TCD) [60pts]
Description: RiderMan closes in on his target before thwacking it with one of his tires. The attack isn't very strong, but it comes so suddenly it takes the foe a moment to figure out just what happened.

Slide Tackle (Movement + Microburst + 2TCD) [60pts]
Description: RiderMan closes the gap on his target, but instead of delivering a disorientating sucker punch, he would smack the target with a powerful kick. The impact would send the target tumbling backwards.

Rider Shield (1-hit shield + 1TCD) [20pts]
Description: Several metallic panels materialize over one of RiderMan's wheel hands, forming a red rectangular shield with a single black and white highlighted stripe going straight down the middle.

Total: [140/140]
Cool, everything should be set now. Approved.