Hex's Upgrades

With the Rebirth, Hex now has 420 Sig Points to play around with...let's spend 'em!

Starting off by upgrading his current one:

Name: Infect [120 pts]
Description: Extrapolating off of his normal attack, Hex forcefully infects the target with a sizable quantity of his own code. Given the sheer amount of glitches that somehow comprise the Navi, this can result in just about any number of potential results.
Effects: [80 Null {A}, Break, Glitch]; 3TCD

And new ones!

Name: Overwhelm [100 pts]
Description: Hex creates a bloated dataform using his reservoir of Navi bodies and morphic body, which shambles forward before detonating; the concussive force of the blast combined with the corrupting protoplasm can potentially incapacitate a large group.
Effects: [Blast2 Stun + Glitch {A}]; 3TCD

Name: Regenerate [100 pts]
Description: Having accidentally consumed a Recov30 chip during his 'awakening', Hex managed to reverse-engineer it to force his body into a state of rapid regeneration, reversing damage to his coding nigh-instantly.
Effects: [75 Heal]; 3TCD

Name: Reboot [30 pts]
Description: Hex can, if need be, send a pulse through himself that repairs forcefully-altered code, negating most detrimental glitches he might cause himself.
Effects: [Status Cure]; 1TCD

Name: Converge [70 pts]
Description: Hex gathers more pieces from his reservoir to form around his current body, creating for himself a nightmarish armour of Navi shells and weapons.
Effects: [2-hit Shield, Strengthen 30]; 2TCD
Everything looks fine to me, approved.