Sylk Sig updates

Just overhauling the whole thing, so here's the new Sig List:

Signature Attack:

740/740 points used

Sylk Circuit: Trap ( attacked ):(Teleport) then (50 drain Elec + knockback x2 + self slow) - 5 TCD (160 points + 40 nerf)

Sylk uses this skill to drain the life of her enemies, enjoying the flavor of their data, as well as replenishing her power. Using the moment of their attack to create an opening, Sylk will appear behind them in an instant and grab hold. Proceeding to bite the enemy Sylk creates an electric circuit to drain them of their energy and replenish her own, before throw them away from her.

Spider's Web : Large Area terrain change - Grass (40) 1 TCD

Sylk creates natural spider threads which quickly spread out across the ground in the shape of a spiders web. While not entirely sticky, the web is highly flammable, which she uses to her advantage regularly. It can also be used to re-enforce terrain.


Electric Network: Large Area terrain change - Metal (40) 1 TCD

Sylk summons metalic threads which quickly spread out across the ground in the shape of a spiders web, to create an electrical network under her command. The web is designed to run electricity through it, thus enhancing her elec based attacks. It can also be used to re-enforce terrain.

Corona Discharge: 4 x buster shots (120 points ) 3 TCD

Sylk creates an electrical web beneath her enemies, causing an electrical discharge to arc up and strike her foes. The number of webs and discharges are created as Sylk sees fit.


Woman's Intuition: accuracy enhancement + dodge - 2 TCD (80 sig points)

Sylk uses all 8 of her eyes simultaneously to monitor and track everything going on in the net around her. Not only does this allow her to more accurately focus on her enemies but it keeps her more aware of her surroundings, allowing Sylk to evade an oncoming attack easily. She chalk's it up to natural intuition though.

Healing Touch - 75 heal (100 sig points) 3 TCD

Thanks to her expert skill with her many hands and training with Meridian, Sylk has become able to perform a quick massage during battle to increase the flow of chi and speed up the bodies natural healing.

Faraday Cage: Passive 20 HP barrier (80 points)

Sylk generates a web of wire-like electricity around her body, protecting her from incoming attacks.
Armor Weave: Passive 20 HP casing (80 points)

Sylk makes a protective armor to keep herself from harm, made of many tiny steel wires all intertwined and fastened with one another to make a solid defense.

Web Shot : Passive Pull (40 sig points)

Sylk fires a stream of webbing at her target which she uses to grab and pull them closer, using the strength of all 6 of her arms. On larger objects she uses this to pull herself closer , if the situation calls for it.