New Sig for Musou

Stunning Blow: (Melee attack) 10 Stun1, 1TCD
You will need either a process upgrade or a process edit to modify your sigs.
I do have one. I even wrote it on my navis page beside sigs. I was gonna save up 80 pts for a move but realized I cant use 80pts at my level so I'm using my 40 now.

To clarify, this is a new sig
I and almost nobody else will ever check your navi page. Please put everything that the mods need in your sig. Signature attacks really ought to be there.

That said, everything's fine, so it's approved.
I got 80 more pts to play with so I'm making a new move and leveling up my heal!

(old) Absorb Data: (Cost 20) [Opponent(Deleted): 15 Healing; 1 TCD]

(new) Absorb Data: (Cost 40) [Opponent(Deleted): 30 Healing; 1 TCD]

(new move) Data Shield: (Cost 60) [3-hit Shield; 2 TCD]
Description: Subtly harnessing and manipulating ambiant data, Musou forms a durable shield around himself for attacks to glance off or be intercepted by. Ken insists he is tapping into and controlling surrounding life energies using chi, but again Musou has his doubts.
120 more points! Wow! I think it's time I gained some mobility!

(old) Data Shield: (Cost 60) [3-Hit Shield; 2 TCD]

(new) Data Shield: (Cost 80) [4-Hit Shield; 2 TCD]

(new) Flash Kick: (Cost 100) [Teleport +20 (Melee); 3 TCD] Musou quickly shifts himself to a new location and appears with an explosive kick! Note that if he wants to he can execute the move just for transport, with no target and no damage.


40 more points. I'm adding a simple, if effective passive that (quite honestly) Musou has been acting if he possessed since I made him. I'm just finally putting it on the record.

Attunement: (Cost 40) [Take Aim (1x per turn); Passive]
After tapping into the data and energy of the denizens of the net for healing and defense, Musou has developed an almost psychic sense. Attunement allows him to subconsciously follow patterns and dataflow, letting him predict his enemies movements and reduce their chance to avoid him.