Name:Nolan Loire
Appearance: Tall, White male with brownish, blackish hair. His hair has small spikes in the front, which he uses a hair spray to super freeze it. Blue eyes and a black T-Shirt that says : "USMC:Ready to Defend- Any time. Anywhere." Usually wears plain blue jeans. Almost ALWAYS wearing a hat and wears his glasses when he needs them. Nolan Weighs about 86 pounds.

Personality: Always excited and hyper. He is Shy and it is very noticable. When he is Meeting a new person, all he really says is "hey" or "thanks". When he is talking to a relative or friend he says stuff like "hey man, how you doin'?" and stuff like that.He also spits a WHOLE lot but never spits inside. If he was rated on the popular scale in his school from 1-10, he would be an 8.

PET Modifications: An advanced PET with a base color of Maroon and two decals of curled-up whips on both sides. It has an extra-long jack-in cord. The PET also has a rubber grip pad so Nolan can hold it, since his hands are always sweaty.

Name: Whipman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Electric
Type: Normal
Appearance: About as tall and weighs about as much as Nolan. He has a Green Kiteshield with his symbol of a dragon with a whip coming through its mouth. He has Maroon armor with thick, black stripes and his symbol in the middle. He has a small maroon helmet with tiny spikes in the front. He has Maroon and black face paint. He has a maroon and black whip in his right hand

Personality: Mostley like Nolan, except is more calm and has a harder time taking care of problems. But for the most part, he is cool and collected and always knows what he's doing and is very optimistic.

Custom Weapon: A tiny blaster on his wrist fires miniature bullets at the enemy. The Charge attack is a 2 step whip slash and takes about 4 seconds to charge.

Signature Attack: Whipman goes up to the enemy and turns the shield he is holding into another whip and curls the whips around the enemy and does 40 damage and has a 2 turn cool down (can i change that to 1?)
OK, a couple of things:

    [li]We don't have things like PSPs in the game universe. It's entirely independent of our current world. Your PET can access pretty much anything that has a jack, so you really don't need to specifically mention the things other than a computer it can jack into.
    [li]Your Navi can't be "kind of" Elec. It either is, or it's another element.
    [li]Please remember that, regardless of the number of shots your Navi's buster can fire, your buster damage remains the same as the system dictates. Firing 10 shots from your buster won't change how much damage it deals.
  • Paralyzing the enemy is a separate Signature Attack effect. You get 60 points with which to spread out amongst SigAtks when you register. If you haven't already, go back and read the SigAtk rules.
Fix up those details, and then we'll see.
k one sec.
done.... what do ya think?
can i change that 2 TCD to 1?
The total effects are above 40. It's 2TCD.

Charged attacks are 3 actions to perform. The 4 seconds thing has no meaning. Keep it if you wish.
ok ty so i'm approved and i can put that link thing on my sig?
I see nothing else glaringly wrong.