New Anyis and Magna Sigs

Level ups, process upgrades, subplots, new sigs, etc, etc. Some sigs are just new names and fluff for the same effects, some are brand now, and some are just upgrades. All of them have new descriptions, at minimum.

Quote (Anyis's Sigs)

==Signature Attacks (700/1100 points)==

Cold Open (200 Strengthen, 5TCD; 200 points)
Anyis previously just channeled whatever ghosts she could get her hands on, but now, she has a limitless source of power in Cryos at her disposal. At her will, Cryos offers forth his own blue flames to Anyis, who channels the power by engulfing herself in the blaze and partitioning its energy into different attacks. Hmm? What makes a Cannon on cold fire more powerful? It's on cold fire, of course.

White Ash (Stage Change Snow Terrain; 3TCD; 100 points)
In a rather flashy display of her abilities, Anyis washes the entire battlefield over in cold fire. In truth, it's more of a chill fire, as it's not actually cold enough to hurt. It does "scorch" the ground quite thoroughly, though, leaving behind little but a white ash... well, snow. The cold flames burn very deeply as well, so in most cases the snow is deep enough to dig into.

Summon Inversion (Teleport, 2TCD; 80 points)
Anyis is deeply linked with Cryos, who was born from her own core, and one particular ability she can invoke through the spirit takes that to an extreme. While Cryos typically stands right by Anyis, she can conjure him outwards and then, for reasons not even she can explain, swap places. Watch it a thousand times, and it's still just the two of them changing positions in a single flash of blue flame. Crazy.

Cryos Compress (30 Heal, Passive; 40/160 points)
As her guardian spirit, Cryos is compelled to keep Anyis in as good a shape as possible at all times. Since he was born (partially) of white healing flames, Cryos can weakly emulate that same power and will deploy a curative patch of blue flames to wherever his master may be hurt. It works fine on others, too, but Anyis needs to personally direct the spirit with a one-track mind to assist them.

Boogey Cryos (Microburst, Passive; 40/160 points)
With her ghost powers gone, Anyis's spectral minion Boogeyman had to leave for a better place. However! His will to push things lives on in Cryos! And Cryos is much bigger and stronger than Boogeyman ever was, so... yeah. Beware of flying objects.

Quote (Magna's Sigs)

==Signature Attacks (400/1100)==

Core Link Cannon: High Output (200 damage, 5TCD; 200 points)
Magna opens up both his hands to reveal his heavy cannons and, ignoring the respectable power they possess individually, links the two together. Magna's eyes and mouth glow, and his bracer vents go into overdrive as the golem fires a large beam at high power from his double-barreled beam cannon. The recoil would probably floor anyone else, and it's frankly a miracle that Magna doesn't pass out after effectively blasting an enemy with a large portion of his soul.

Core Field (120 HP Barrier, 3TCD; 120 points)
Magna's orange core energy has a very diverse nature, and aside from being a destructive force, it can be projected as a barrier around himself, the Mother Unit, or another ally. Initially, Magna figured this out by accident and projected barriers out from his face, but now he can just perform the task by expelling some energy from the vents on his arms. That said, he could still project a barrier from his face if he wanted to...

Golem's Bracer (1 Hit Shield, Passive; 20/80 points)
Being the master defender he is, Magna has quite the proficiency with shields and as gone so far as to just have shields permanently affixed to his body. This holds true by the large bracers on his arms, which can endure a certain degree of damage at set intervals before shutting down for quick repairs. Strangely, Magna can still gift shields to others by... well, ripping his bracer off and giving it as a tower shield. The really strange part is that there's always another, identical bracer underneath...
Magna does more damage than Magna?

I think so.

Also, approved.