Lancer Sig Updates

Current sig pool (after buying 2 process upgrades): 60/140

Altering Lancet to do a bit more damage, and adding a new sig after playing around with some ideas and such:

20 damage Drain, Pull, Break, Null element (70 points); 2 TCD
A line of orbs erupts in a straight line from Lancer's Storm Lance, striking at an opponent before returning to Lancer himself for some recovery while simultaneously tugging the enemy closer.

Movement, Take Aim then 40 Elec damage (70 points); 2 TCD
Utilizing the peculiar leg strength and jumping ability distinctive to dragon knights, Lancer takes a leap high into the air, following it up with his own little touch after picking his drop point carefully. Forcefully he comes down trailing bolts of lightning through his Storm Lance, and in turn bringing it down surprisingly quickly upon his target.

New sig pool: 140/140