2 Additional Sigs

I still have 80 free points which will be used for Oasis' new Sigs.
Total Pool: 940/1020

Water Art - Twin Bubbles
Oasis creates large bubbles at the end of her twin ponytails which are then used to take the blow of one attack each. Once a bubble has been attacked, it simply pops.
2 1-hit Shields (40)
Oasis.SP Only

Water Art - Veil of Water
Primarily used to cope with Djinni's personal changes to the surroundings, Oasis throws some water into the air which then falls on top of her and as a result on the ground which turns the panel below her to sea. As childish as she is, she will continue to splash some water around which as a result may cure herself or someone else from their ailments.
Small Panel Area Sea (10)
Status Cure (30)
Oasis.SP Only

After Sigs - Total Pool: 1020/1020