FactoryMan changes

Yeah, so, evidently, FactoryMan isn't up to safety code. *CHORTLE*

I missed a rule edit somewhere, and these sigs are all illegal. I'm simply scrapping them.

New Sig:

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FACTORYMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Microfactory: AC Coil: FactoryMan constantly toils away building convenience in the lives of the everyday, average citizen. One such modern luxury is air conditioning, and FactoryMan produces parts for new units and repair alike. Sometimes he needs to remove defective units, and launches one out of his main door, dealing 30 Aqua damage. The broken coil is left behind as a 10 HP Broken Coil. Safety codes prevent such a launching for another two turns.

Microfactory: AC Coil - Does 30 Aqua damage with coil, leaving a 10HP Broken Coil on the field. Shot Type (2TC)

Points: 0/60

30 damage (30) + Off Element (20) + 10HP Object (10)


Points: 60/60