Shuffling things around a bit.

Signature: 2 Of Spades
Description: Ralta hurls a trio of dirks at a foe, wounding them.
Effects: 3 hits of 5 null + Slashing
Cost: 15 x4 = 60
Cooldown: Passive


Signature: 2 Of Spades
Description: Ralta hurls a pair of dirks at a foe, wounding them.
Effects: 2 hits of 5 null + Slashing
Cost: 10 x4 = 40
Cooldown: Passive

And since that leaves me with 60 (20 + the 40 from that upgrade I just got)...

Name: PatchProg.sig ("Patchie")
Apparent Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 24
Appearance: Patchie is dressed in a set of military fatigues (complete with thick boots) with a minty-green camo pattern printed upon them, laid out with a consistency that lends it a look similar to leopard print. Upon the right collar of these somewhat tight-fitting fatigues is a line of five hearts, all perfectly aligned; on patchie's left breast the pattern repeats, but on the outsides of her biceps, the hearts form a more star-shaped pattern, with the 'tip' at the bottom of each heart pointed at the center. On the back of the fatigues is a card, the five of hearts, printed square between her shoulderblades.

Physically, Patchie is a little on the tall side (5'8), but still falling close enough to average that no-one really notices. Her build is a little bit thicker than Shuffle or Ralta's, with her musculature in particular remaining untrained and neutral in tone and bulk. Neither chubby, nor fit. Just a simple average. Size-wise, Patchie's body also falls fairly in the middle; her breasts come out to about a D-cup (slightly restrained by her fatigues, and further restrained by the bra underneath it), and her hips and buttocks possess just enough heft that you can tell she is female at a glance, no further.

Patchie's hair is a light, not-quite golden blonde, cut with a set of bangs in front that come down to just above her left eye, and a mane of wavy hair in back that reaches down to just past the tops of her shoulders. Her eyes are a bright green, with just a hint of blue mixed in, and her face is a mixture of soft and stern features, lending her a pinch of elegance and age for every dash of youthfulness that remains in her. On one side of Patchie's mouth, much to her eternal horror, is a single, light crease-- a smirk line-- that has resulted from her personality and makes her look like she is smirking, even when she is decidedly not.

Personality: Patchie is, at least outwardly, vaguely flirtatious and highly intimate in her speech and actions. She isn't afraid of getting up close and personal with anyone-- and that is usually exactly what she does, given that her usual role in battle is to slap patches onto them. She will refuse to use titles or ranks whenever she can have the chance to do so, preferring first names, and enjoys teasing people. She is known to occasionally slap patches onto people in inappropriate places, then chuckle and disappear, the nature of being a sig construct saving her from having to take any responsibility whatsoever.

Inwardly however, Patchie is far different. While she is quite smart and can be very charismatic, her personality and intellect are rarely stimulated in conversation or normal interaction, so she resorts to teasing and toying with people purely for her own amusement, the endless amounts of awkward, sometimes amusing reactions she gets to this behavior being one of the few things that she actually enjoys. Whenever she is left unamused for too long, this inner depressed, bored, slightly irritated personality begins to slip through the cracks in her carefully-constructed mask, so she goes to fairly large lengths to keep herself entertained.

Signature: 5 of Hearts
Description: Patchie appears and brandishes her namesake-- a stimulating healing patch-- which she sticks on someone in order to heal them.
(45 healing = 60 points)
[60 = 2 TCD]
Rechargeable SP approved