Element: wood
Type: wind

Appearance: Siren looks to be a large bird at first sight, but once closer she has the torso of a female, white skin, brown hair, blue eyes but has some gayish feathers covering the front of her torso up to the point of her chest. for her lower body and wings she has feathers with a white and gray color under her wings then she has green and blue feathers on the upper part of her wings while she has all gray feathers around her lower body and of course, egle tallons as legs. in size and shape, she is about 5'8, has a skinny build, and she is about 130 pounds in human weight.

Personality:Normaly she is kind of a tree hugger and not realy much into battles and stuff like that, but once she finds prey that she can fight, navi or otherwise, she turns out of her being a tree hugger and more into a wild bird that wants to delete whatever is in her path. when she is around other navis, freindly or not, she reverts to being somewhat neutral, but she will stay on her toes, and be agressive twords them if need be. should she hear music from whatever sorce within the area, her atitude twords whatever she is around will depend on how the music plays, if it's a calming ballad, she stays calm but doesn't go back to her usual self, if it's got a good beat to it, she dances and fights depending on the beat to the music.

Custom Weapon: Siren sings notes that attack the enemy, they are invisible, but still can be detected by enemies.

Signature Attack: cap:140/25
Siren's call:Siren makes a loud noise that makes plants awake from beneth the pannels and as everything is seeded, the seeds then sprout into grass terain, giving a large area of grass pannels within her wake.
Large area terain effect of grass pannels:40 points
Remaining pool:220 points

PET modifacations:The PET is colored grey with a thin white trim around the edges and it also has a music player that alows Tmmy and Siren to music whenever they want.
Sounds more like a harpy than a siren...

Add a smidge more for the personality, at least 3 sentences total please.

And lastly, all PETS have a hologram thing installed, no need for it to be a mod.
edited a bit/lots

Too bad I'm losing Celeste soon, would've made an interesting pair xD