Sea Goddess' Wrath

Current Sig Pool (60/180)

Sea Goddess' Wrath 60 points
Sea Goddess' Wrath is a low cost card designed to keep a creature from being able to act, with the added ability of being able to be played from the Discard pile. Of course, the net isn't Yugic the Reckoning and doesn't have a discard pile but that didn't stop Deepsea from putting this card into her signature attack systems. She wanted a way to make something big ineffective for a while, and seeing how the systems handled the Discardpile effect could very well block off choices for the navi later on down the road.

Deepsea shows the card to the opponent, followed by a bolt of lighting bursting from the card to the target, stunning it if the bolt connects, and her placing the card face up in the air next to her. While the card is next to her in it's "Discard pile", Deepsea can charge her buster to cause the effect to happen once more towards the nearest enemy, but the card then vanishes.

Stun target: A accuracy

Trap(Trigger: Deepsea gains bustercharge): Deepsea loses bustercharge, stun closet enemy: A Accuracy