Spawning Pool

Current Sig pool: 120/180

Spawning Pool: 60 points

A card effective in stalling out aggressive decks until board control can be achieve, Deepsea decided to use this card for her next sig after realizing that on the net, facing viruses is pretty much dealing with an agro deck most of the time. The Spawning pool itself is just a simple card, with a picture of a pool of some kind on it with small white squids floating about with text under it explaining effects and what now. The card itself is placed in a small poll of water that replaces the terrain near Deepsea. The card spawns small squids on the surface of the water, that like to float around in the air and be obstacles to whatever wants to get by them or fire past them.

Small sea terrain created near Deepsea
"SpawningPoolCard" placed submerged in the sea terrain with following properties
HP 20
Passive: 2 Squid Tokens created each turn in the panels next to the Card
light property

"Squid Token" has the following properties
Light property

It's been awhile, so if someone wants to second guess me, feel free, but I notice no problems.