DragonierMan's Signatures

12 PUs:

Current total points to draw from: 540.

Active Signatures

1. Soar and Swoop: Acc: B/D [Drop Type Attack Attribute]; 30 Null Damage + Seeking. [2 TCD]
The navi leaps into the air and dives at the target, damaging and dragging the target to the ground.
(30 + 20 = 50 pts)

2. Crippling Sweep: Acc: C [Melee Type Attack Attribute]; 30 Null Damage + Breaking + Impact + Slashing + Disarm. [3 TCD]
The navi lashes out to smash the target in melee, rending at the target's defenses and armaments with his claws.
(30 + 20 + 20 + Free + 40 = 110 pts)

3. Devastate: Large-area Broken Terrain (centered on the navi) + Dodge. [2 TCD]
The navi stomps the ground with such force that a large section of the surrounding terrain shatters. The navi, of course, takes the destruction in stride and tumbles gracefully to the bottom of the hole.
[40 + 40 = 80 pts)

Passive Signatures

1. Dragon Scales: One instance of 20 HP Casing.
A thick armour of plated scales forms over the navi's skin. It sheers off as it negates damage.
(20 pts x4 = 80 pts)

2. Draconic Might: One instance of 20 Strengthen.
Drawing upon his great strength, the navi imbues his battlechips and charged buster attacks with greater power.
(20 pts x4 = 80 pts)

[s]3. Draconic Vigor 1-5: One instance of Heal 5 (once per action; numbered 1-5).
This navi is relentless in battle, constantly regenerating from his wounds as he fights.
[(7 pts x4 = 28 pts) x5 signatures = 140 pts]

Notice about the Heal signatures: 7 sig pts = 7 x0.75 = 5.25 = 5 healing (rounding down from 5.25 to 5).

Also there are five Draconic Vigor signatures, I just compressed them in the description only, I have paid for five separate signatures.

Fluffed to only work on DragonierMan, and only one heal per action.

Thank you.
Changed the signatures with the upgrade to v12. Requesting acceptance of new signature lineup.
I really hate you for doing a heal sig that requires rounding. Moreso for technically having five of them.

Also, for the future, please repost your sigs when updating them rather than just editing the first post.

At any rate, approved
Ok, so that is an approval for all but my healing sigs. And since you disapprove of the way I handled it, I have decided to reinvest those points. And I will make a new thread just because you did not like having it rewritten.