A New Set of Sigs

Because of this and the fact my Signature Attacks are illegal, due to the subtype changes, I'm changing them. I did not do so earlier because she was in a battle.

Total Pool: 780/780
Max Cap: 220 (330) / 35

Mythical Art - Line of Heritage (T:80)
A state Djinni can enter in order to protect herself from harmful situations. Her body becomes like a flame that never dies while maintaining her standard appearance, any attack quickly rebuilding her body with the flames. Myths claim this state can be cancelled by vanquishing the spirit with a bladed attack.
Shadow (80)

Mythical Art - Mankind's Unawareness (T:80)
By extinguishing the flame of her life, Djinni hides her existance to others to the point of becoming invisible. If she were ever 'seen' in this form, it would only be from a faint glimmer of one of her rubies.
Invis (80)

Fire Art - Heatwave Slash (T:140)
From a prepared pose, Djinni vanishes and makes a wave of heat fly towards and through an opponent. Only when she reappears and sheathes her swords elsewhere on the field the enemy will feel the slash of her blades if she managed to hit in her attack.
Teleport (80)
60 FIRE (60)
Slashing (0)

Fire Art - Hell Furnace (T:160)
Holding both arms stretched to her sides, holding her cape opened as far as possible, Djinni channels her fiery powers into the ruby surface of her cape. As if it's liquid, meteors come flying out cape's inside and at an enemy. Destined to find their target, they will relentlessly chase after their opponent.
10 FIRE x 12 Hits (120)
Homing (40)

Mythical Art - Deceitful Whispers (T:80)
As is told in myths, genies are the reason mankind performs evil deeds. Djinni accepts this myth and channels the whispers of evil deeds into a barrier that will swallow anyone, and those surrounding, who tampers with it.
20 HP Barrier (20)
When broken: Nova 3 Glitch (60)

Fire Art - Flame Burst (T:80)
The rubies of Djinni's daggers ignite with a fierce flame which gives Djinni a quick temporary advantage in positioning, flames and power.
Imbue Fire (20)
Movement (20)
40 FIRE Strengthen (40)

Fire Art - Glutton of Warmth (T:80)
Through her facial mask Djinni kisses the dangling ruby from her wrist, imprinting her code into it and then holds it in her hand. A fiery image of Djinni emerges after a short incantation and this image will fly out at an enemy to embrace it and steal its heat which is instantly transferred to Djinni as energy.
40 FIRE Drain (80)

Desert Art - The Antlion's Patience (T:80)
Djinni creates a decently sized patch of sand somewhere on the battlefield, trapping it with her own tricks as she does so. Once someone steps upon the sand, an image of Djinni made of sand emerges from the panels and slashes at the enemy with her two daggers.
Medium-Sized Sand (20)
Trap - First person (except Djinni) who touches the sand: 60 DMG. (60)
Slashing (0)
All of this seems fine, approved. One thing I would ask, however, is that you specify how the attacks are executed in the effects section of certain sigs (like Antlion's Patience). Whether it's shot/melee/bomb/drop/ground basically. Just add them before you put them into your profile, it's not like I'd disapprove of whatever you chose.